Nummber 12

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*You and Chris are back stage before he is gonna perform at the BET Awards. This imagine is dedicated to @TiggetMclovin13.

Chantel's POV

"You will be perfectly fine" I said to Chris.

"I know I'm just think about something"

"What is that?"

"About what is gonna happen after the show"

"Your freaky"

"Nah you will want to do- gco"

"Chris shut up and get your ass on the stage" I said kissing him.

"Alright babe"

"Your too much" I yelled to him down the hall. He just looked back and wink at me.

In the middle of his performance Tina his manager comes back to me.

"Hey do you wanna come closer to the stage and stand at steps" she asked

"Yeah I guess so why?"

"Because your little boyfriend said he wanted you there"

"Okay I'll come" I said laughing following her to the steps.

"He is doing pretty good today"

"Yeah he is so cute" I said smiling.

After he was done singing Up To You he started looking nerves.

"Hey guys I'm gonna bring my girlfriend Chantel up here, come on up baby"

All I did was stare at him. God I'm such a lucky girl to have a boyfriend as great as him. I realized everybody was looking at me and I blushed and started to walk on stage. Then I see Chris get on one knee and pulled out a black velvet box with a ring in side.



"Will you be my beautiful wife and make me the happiest person ever and marry me?"

"Yes Chris yes I will" I said with tears in my eyes as he puts the ring on my finger and gets up and kisses me. Everyone started clapping and Chris took me off stage to his dressing room.

"Why did you do that?" I asked smiling.

"Because I wanted you to see how special you are to me and so much more"


"Yeah babe"

"I have been think about something"

"And what might that be"

"Well not thinking about something but telling you something"

"What is that?"

"I'm kinda..."


"Yeah" I said looking down only to feel Chris pick me up and kiss me.

"Yay I'm gonna be a husband and a daddy!"

"Your not mad?"

"Hell no"

"You know what that means?"


"We have to celebrate"

"So you want twins?"


"Well let's go try" Chris said picking me up and carrying me to the car and after we got home we were making love all night till morning time.

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