Number 24

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*You and Chris are at home and currently you are on your computer checking Facebook and talking to your friends in your home town of New York. This is dedicated to @offacially_mindless.

Kayla POV

I was just minding my own business as I talk to my old friend Tiffany on Facebook since my lazy ass boyfriend of two years is asleep upstairs. Then I heard foot steps then the couch sink. Here we go!

"Hey baby" Chris said in a raspy morning voice.

"Hey babe" I said kissing him on his pink plump sexy lips.

"What are you doing" he asked turning the computer to see the screen but I tuned it back right away.

"I'm talking to Tiff from New York"

"Oh is she one of your hometown friend" he asked kissing my sweet spot on my neck.

"Mmhmm" I moaned.

"You like that baby" he questioned smirking on my neck.

"Yyyess" I moaned.

"Then put your laptop down"

"Nope I need to talk to Tiff" I said snapping out of his little game.

"Oh common baby" he whined

"No not today" I said rubbing his member through his sweats making him close his eyes.

"Bbuutt babbbyyy" he groaned.

"No buts Christopher" I said while taking my hand off of CJ.

"Baby now you made me hard"

"Well there is massaging oil in the cabinet in the bathroom go use that"

"Fine" he mumbled getting the oil and going into his art room.

I was getting back to tiff then I started to hear groans. It turn me on so much I was getting wetter by the second. So I told tiff goodbye and I talked to her soon. I got up and walked to the doorway of the artroom and peeked in. I saw Chris taking long smooth strokes on CJ. He was biting his lip with his eyes closed and had his beats on. I tiptoed into him and took his hand off CJ and replaced it with mine. He took off his beats and looked at me.

"I thought you had to talk to Tiff?" He said with attitude.

"I said goodbye so I could-" I put CJ in my mouth so Chris would just shut up and I loved the way he acted during head. He always throws his head back and closes his eyes and makes sexy groans.

"Mmm baby I love the way you do that" he groaned moving my hair to the side so he could look down at my face.

I started to suck harder.

"Oh shit baby Kayla I'm goin to cum" he said as I started to taste his pre-cum.

I sucked harder and then he released into my mouth. I swallowed and sat back.

"Baby I love you so much" he said sitting up and kissing your lips.

"I love you too"

"Now can you lay down on the sofa for me with your legs facing me?" he asked with puppy dog eyes.

"Yes daddy" I said getting up and laying on the couch. After I was comfy I felt my shorts then underwear go down. Chris spread my legs so one was hanging off the couches edge and the other up on the couches top and dipped a finger in my slit and his thumb rubbing my clit.

"Mmm daddy yes" I moaned as he now had two fingers in my slit and his other hand rubbing my clit faster.

"Oh fuck daddy I'm gonna c-" I moaned then he took both sets of fingers off.

"What the fuc- mmm baby" I moaned as he started to tongue-fuck my slit.

"Fuck mmm baby I'm gonna cum" I groaned as he used fingers to start rubbing my clit again.

"Daddy" I cried out as my juice flew into Chris's mouth.

Chris licked me clean then came up to my face and kissed my lips slowly put passionately.

"Baby I want CJ" I whined as I grabbed his hips.

"Okay baby do you want me to wear one?"

"No I'm fine Chris"

"Okay but if I would get you pregnant would you be mad?"

"No because I love you"

"I love you too so are you saying you want a little me running around"

"Yes I do baby"

"Really since when?"

"For a while now i just didn't know how to tell you"

"Okay I'm so happy now I'm going to be a daddy"

"Not in till you put CJ in me hun"

"Oh yeah" he said sliding CJ into me.

"Mmm baby harder" I cried out begging.

Chris went harder and deeper into me and moans and groans filled the air. Are skins were slapping like crazy.

"Mmm baby I'm gonna cum"

"Me too baby"

"Oh shit" I threw my head back and came all over his dick.

"Mmm" Chris groaned as his liquids filled me.

Chris pulled out and laid on top of me.

"Baby... I can't wait till.... tomorrow" Chris said out of breath.


"Cause I want to se my baby pregnant with my baby" he said kissing me.

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