Number 1

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*You and Chris are watching a movie one night. This is in your POV*

"Babe will you make popcorn cause I'm too lazy to get up" Chris said looking up at you since his head was in your lap.

"No you get up and get it." you say turning back to the tv.

"But baby I'm hungry and lazy and horny and I love you." He said turning to you.

"Well I love you too" you say getting up and making popcorn.

"Thanks babe I love you" Chris yelled from the living room.

"Yeah yeah" you yelled putting the popcorn in the microwave.

"Your good at this" Chris said picking you up from behind and swinging you around making you drop the popcorn.

"God dammit Chris" you yell at him.

"Sorry jeez I didn't mean too" Chris said turning to your face kissing you.

"Whatever" you say avoiding his kiss and picking up the popcorn.

"Come here babe" Chris said picking you up bridal style and taking you to the couch.

"Chris let me go clean it up" you say trying to get out of his grasp.

"Let me show you how sorry I am babe" he said kissing on sucking on your neck.

"No I gotta clean it up now get the fuck outta of my way" you say again trying to get away from Chris.

"Nope" Chris said ripping off your t-shirt exposing your pirky boobs.

"Chris ssstop" you moan as he kisses down you chest to your core.

"No I love you to much" he said pulling you pants down and your thong down with them and kissing your inner thigh.

"Mmmm babe I have um go Mmmm clean up Chris" you say moaning.

"Mmmm" he vibarated your core making you shiver with pleasure.

"Mmmmm babe your soo good" he said flicking his tongue in your slit.

"Fuck babe I'm-" gco by you cumming .

"Damn you taste so good" Chris said coming up from your legs to kiss your lips.

"Now it's your turn" you say flipping over so he is on the bottom.

"Oh really" Chris says biting his lip turning you on.

"Okay here is the plan, it's your turn to go clean up the kitchen while I go to bed" you say getting off of him walking across the room to the stairs.

"But babe that's not fair I'm to horny" He said pointing at his bonner.

"Too late sweet dreams baby" you say turning around and going up the stairs to yours and Chris's room.

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