Number 30

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*You have a step dad names Chris who is the Chris Brown the singer. Your mom is around 37 and Chris is only 25 years old. Your mom lied about her age before Chris fell in love with her. Your mom is at work right now and you are in your room while Chris is down stairs.*

Your POV

I was sitting upstairs doing my homework till I heard sexy grunts and groans coming from downstairs. I guess my step dad was a little horny if you ask me. I like my stepdad a lot and not just in a father to daughter relationship. I went downstairs into the living room and the kitchen and couldn't find him. then I went into the art room to see Chris jerking off his cock basically right in front of you. You are wet as fuck by now.

"Mom ain't putting it down?" I asked making him jump.

"I'm sorry y/n and no not at all" he said putting his cock back into his sweats.

"Aww that sucks why not" you asked coming over and sitting right next to him on the couch.

"Don't ask me I have no idea" he said looking at you inching his face closer to yours. Now you guys were centimeters away then he leaned in and kisses you.
The kiss lasted for about 20 seconds till you broke free from his lips.

"Do you want me to treat you right?"

"Yes please"

With that note you pulled his cock back out and started to deep throat him right away.

"Oh fuck y/n I'm gonna cum" he groaned as he released I to my mouth.

You swallow and then come back up to his lips and kiss them softly. Chris them went down on you for about 8 minutes till your juices fill Chris mouth. You were making out naked with you laying on top of him. He slipped into you and you started bouncing in him slowly but then got faster.

"Ahh fuck Chris" you groan as waves of pleasure go throughout your body.

"Shit y/n" he groaned.

"I'm gonna cum" you say as you release onto his cock and then you releases into you.

"Glad you had fun I'm gonna go pack my stuff" my mom said walking cup the stairs.

"You wanna go talk to her?"

"Nope" he said kissing me then wrapping his arms around my waist as we laid there after making sweet love.

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