Number 29

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*You are in the bathroom putting you make up on currently. Your boyfriend Chris is nowhere in sight and you haven't seen him for maybe two hours*

Your POV

I was in the bathroom putting on my make up for the day. I felt a pair of arms wrap around my neck then wet kisses on my neck.

"Chrissss where have you been?" i moaned.

"Baby I want you" he groaned as he presses his erection into your ass making you groan.

"Chris not now" you say pushing him off you and back.

You walk past a shocked and confused Chris to you bureau and then you find your jewelry for the day.

"Baby you have about and hour till you work you know?" Chris said laying down the bed with only his boxers on.

"Yea I do know I'm not dumb" you rolled your eyes but Chris didn't know that you were messing with him.

"Well damn okay I guess I'm going downstairs now" he said sighing and walking out of the room and downstairs.

You finished putting on your jewelry and you head downstairs to see Chris. He was laying down on the couch with his arm behind his head and lightly stroking his sexy cock. He didn't even look at you he just put his cock back into his boxers and walked into the kitchen. You sigh because you know your baby his horny but you kinda just wanna go to work because then it will be fun tonight. You turn and go into the kitchen to see Chris's back facing you while he poured lucky charms into his bowl.

"Chris what's wrong?"


"Chris answer me" you say getting mad.


"God dammit answer me" you say slapping the bowl out of his hand and letting it dump on his body.

"Fuck you" he yelled walking away and going into the bathroom.

You were a little hurt that he said that but more hurt with yourself that you did that. What were you think? Why would you do that? You know he has anger issues why do it? You hear the door open then footsteps leading to the basement. You follow after slowly so you don't get caught in till your downstairs.

When you reach the bottom step you see Chris sitting on the couch with X his dog as he watched cartoons. You decide to sit next to him.

"Chris I'm sorry I was just-"

"Save it I don't wanna hear you talk" he said not looking at you.

"Why don't you wanna hear what I have to say?" you asked hurt.

"Because it's the same damn bullshit as every time" he said again not looking at you.

"You know what just cause your not getting my little pussy diner mean you have to be a big baby about it"

"I don't want your little pussy I want to make love to the love of my life because I love her but she pissed me off" he said glaring at you.

"Then let me repay you" you say sexually as you get on your knees and take his cock out of your boxers and into your hands. You slowly jerk him off.

Chris lightly groaned with pleasure making you go a little bit faster.

"Fuck y/n get it wet" he groaned combing his fingers through your hair as he sucked on his huge cock. You tasted pre-cum so you sucked harder till Chris claw into your mouth.

"I love you"

"Aww I love you to baby now I have to go to work" he say getting up and kissing Chris on the lips then going to work.

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