Number 26

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*Tonight you and Chris are going to his art show. You will also be with Chris's mother. This is dedicated to JadeRandall9 and your name is Blossom.*

Blossoms POV

I woke up from my nap and looked to my right to see a sexy shirtless Chris next to me. I bit my lip then started to kiss his neck to wake him up.

"Chris baby you need to wake up it's 4 o'clock and art show starts at 6"


"Chris common baby wake up" I said reaching down and rubbing CJ through his boxers.


This nigga is just fucking with me do let's see how he likes it.

I kisses down from his neck then to his chest then and then down to his boxers. I pulled them down to take CJ out and start jerking him off. Chris just barely open his eyes then shut them quickly so I wouldn't see him. He is such a dumbass sometimes. I took CJ completely in my mouth and started sucking hard and I looking at Chris. He was biting his lip. He opened his eyes so I let go of CJ.

"Baby why did you let go?"

"Because it was just to wake you up and now your up" I said sliding up up his body till we were face to face.

"You know you give the best head right?"

"Mmmhmm baby I know"

"Cocky much"

"You know it"

"Oh baby I love you" he said kissing me.

"We have to get ready" I said pecking his lips.

"I know I'll get a shower downstairs"

"Okay babe" I said getting off of him and stand up to let him get up.

" See you soon" he said snaking my ass and leaving.

"Fuck you" I screamed to him then going into the bathroom to get my shower.

After my shower I got out and walked into the walk-in closet. I picked out my white tight fitted dress that stopped mid thigh and my red pumps. Chris then walked in the closets and got black pants and a black dress shirt with a white jacket. We got dressed and went downstairs. We both dat on the couch and I was nervous as shit cause in a few minutes I was meeting Chris's mother Joyce.

"Babe you okay?" Chris asked with concern.

"Yeah I'm just nervous" I said blushing.

"Don't worry my mom ain't gonna pistol wipe you when she sees you"

"Okay let's go or I will pistol wipe you" I said laughing and getting up and walking to Chris's new Blue Lamborghini Aventator.

"You ready to go?"

"Yup" I said as we both hopped in the car and sped off.

We were in the car for about 15 mint yes then Chris pulled into the gallery.

"My mom said that she will be here around 6:30"

"Okay babe I'm a little nervous"

"Don't be she will love you trust me" he said smiling.

"You better be right" I said kissing his lips.

"I'm always am aren't I?" he said kissing back and opening his car door.

We both got out and made our way into the art gallery and walked around hand in hand. We were walking around talking to a lot of celebrities. Then Chris's mother came up behind him and hugged him.

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