Number 20

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*You and Chris are at the BET award afterparty and Chris is so drunk that people basically carried him outside. He got inside you guys Orange Lamborghini and now you are driving. This is dedicated to @TheUnlQuAlovesMB your name is Joehanna.*

Joehanna POV

"Chris why did you have to take shots with Lil' Wayne, Solja Boy and Tyga and get to drunk" I asked looking at my half passed out boyfriend.

"I was celebrate" he said slurring his words.

"Whatever you do don't vomit in the car"

"Yes mama" he said closing his eyes.

I pulled up to mine and Chris's house and got out and drug Chris to the door. I unlocked the door and went inside and drug Chris's body up the stairs. I pulled him onto the bed then he stood up.

"I played dead babe" he said laughing.

"Chris go get a shower okay?"

"Okay" he said walking into the bathroom.

I laid down in bed and listened to Chris mumble in the shower then start laughing so hard at himself. The water shut off and about two minutes later Chris stepped out completely naked and got on the bed and crawled on top of me.

"Baby wanna make love?"

"No Chris your drunk"

"Nooooo I'm not" he said kissing my jawline to my neck. When he hit my sweet spot I lost it I was moaning and rubbing his back.

"I wanna taste you" he said kissing down my stomach to my core.

He started tongue fucking me right away which caused me to take in so much pleasure. I was pushing his head so his tongue would go deeper in me. I felt my legs begin to shake which signaled I was on the verge of cumming.

"Chris baby I'm gonna cum" I said breathless and moaning.

"Cum for me" he said rubbing two fingers over my climate a fast pace.

"Mmmmm shit" I yelled as I came all over Chris's face.

"Mmm baby I love the way you do that mami" Chris said in a deep sexy tone voice.

"Daddy I want CJ"

"Okay baby" he said shoving all of Cj in me and thrusting his hips in and out of me hard.

This is why I don't like having sex while he is drunk because he is aggressive but sometimes that's the best way.

"Deeepper daddy mmm right there" I moaned as I clawed his ass up to his back with pure pleasure.

"Fuck babe" he groaned as CJ started to twitch inside me.

"Papi I'm gonna cum" I screamed as I released all over Chris's shaft.

"Shiitt" Chris groaned as he let all of his cum release inside my little core.

Chris collapsed on your chest and kissed you neck up to your lips and said goonight. Then you both drifted off to sleep.

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