Number 28

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*Today is your birthday and it's special because your 21. You come downstairs to see your boyfriend. He surprises you. This is for @Octoberbaby15 your name is Aaliyah*

Chris's POV

I woke up really early and started make my baby Aaliyah breakfast for her 21st birthday. It's special cause now we can go clubbing and get drunk as hell together. I walked downstairs and got busy.

Aaliyah POV

I woke up to a smell that smelt like pancakes. I'm so happy because today this bish turns 21! I ran downstairs. I saw my boyfriend sitting on the counter with whip cream and a cherry on top of his head.

"I'm you cake!" He said making me die of laughter.

"You look like ice cream more than cake baby" I said.

"Happy birthday baby" he sang making me blush.

"Thanks baby" I said getting a paper towel to wipe his head.

"No bitch" he yelled grabbing the wipe cream and throwin it at me.

"You ass" I said laughing as he ran away from me.

I started chasing him but that nigga is fast as hell. He was also cutting the corners and hiding then popping out. He then started running up the stairs but fell and I caught up to him.

"Haha little bitch I got you" I said sitting down on him.

"Ouch baby daddy is hurt" he said pouting and showing me his elbow that was cut.

"Owe come here baby" I said grabbing his other arm and taking him to the kitchen sink.

"Hop up" I instructed.

"Yes mami" he said.

I started clean up his arm and then he started kissing me.

"Mmm I want you so bad" he said against my lips.

"Mmm baby then let's go" I said hopping into his arms.

"You don't have to tell me" he said taking me to the couch.

"You don't wanna go upstairs?"

"I don't want to drop you"

"Okay" I said laughing as he kissed my lips.

He started undress me as I undressed him. We were both completely naked then he slipped CJ.

"Mmm yesss"

"You like that baby"

"Yes" I groaned as I arched my back.

"Your so sexy" Chris said mumbling against my neck as he sucked hard on it.

"Ah babe"


"Yesssss right there mmm"

"Mm baby I love listening to you moan"

"Ahh baby mmm I'm gonna cum"

"Cum for me"

"Ahh shit" I moaned as I came.

"Fucckk" Chris groaned as he released.

"Happy Birthday baby" he said laying next to me.

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