Number 31

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*Today you and your boyfriend Chris are at Nickelodeon Universe walking around. This is dedicated @Donny_wifey_3 your name is Anaya.

Anaya POV

Right now I'm walking hand in hand with my sexy ass boyfriend Chris. We are just walking around Nickelodeon Universe chillin and laughing and of coarse eating. We just walked around the carousel and I spotted my ex Donny. He looked up so I had to go talk to him.

"Hey Anaya how are you" he said giving me a hug as I let go of Chris's hand.

"Good how are you" I said as I gave him a hug.

"Oh you moved on alrighty" he whined kidding.

"Yup this is Chris my friend" I said with a wink just messing around.

Donny and I talked for about 20 minutes and then I walked away who Chris. I tried to grab his hand but he put them in his pockets.

"Let's go home" I said grabbing his arm.

"Okay let's go" he mumbled as we walked to the car.

"What's wrong Chrissy" I asked getting it the car and looking at him.

"Nothing my head just hurts" he said lying right to my face.

"Aww okay" I said kissing his head but he just started the car.

We were listening to the radio then love more came on by my babe. I was singing and dancing but Chris was just driving. I moved my hand over to his thigh and started rubbing it. He finally turned to me.


"What's your problem ever since we left you were in a pissy mood now tell me the truth"

"I said my head hurt"

"I said to tell me the truth"

"I am"

"Bullshit" I said moving my hand over and rubbing CJ.

"Anaya baby stop" he said grabbing the steering wheel harder.

"Why are you mad?"

"Because of your little friend Donny who is your ex boyfriend and you were all over him by hugging and shit" he said swatting my hand away.

"I'm sorry"

"Yeah okay" he said as we pulled up to our house.

"I said I was sorry"

"I know I heard you" he said getting out of the car and slamming the door then walking to the house.

"Whatever" I mumbled getting out and slamming the door harder.

He went inside before me and went to go upstairs. I let him go for about two hours because I decided to watch The Notebook since Chris hated that movie. I made my way upstairs to see and sleeping Chris in just his boxers laying on his back. I went into the closet and put on sexy black lingerie and came to the edge of the bed and started to rub his chest.

"Chris baby I really want to talk to you"


"Chrisss" I whined.


I stop talking and just got on the other side of the bed and moved the covers off of him.

"Baby common talk to me" I said rubbing his bulge.


I went down to his bulge and pulled CJ out. I started to slowly jerk him off then I started to pick up the pace. Chris still didn't show any emotions except for almost silent groans. I put my mouth on the tip of CJ and start to suck lightly. He didn't even nudge so I jerked him off and sucked hard.

"Mmm fuck" he groaned quietly.

I sucked harder and harder then deep throated.

"Shit Anaya I'm gonna cum" he groaned grabbing my head and forcing it down farther. He started to pre-cum so I danced my tongue a crossed his dick making him cum.

"Mmm damn baby you look sexy" he said bitting his lip.

"Mmm but tonight is about you forgiving me" I said straddling him and taking off my lingerie nice and slow. I was completely naked and I slid CJ into my slit and slowly went down.

"Ahhh" I gasped because we haven't had sex for about two weeks and because of CJs size.

"Fuck baby your so tight" he groaned closing his eyes and throwing his head back.

I started to bounce and grind making Chris make sexy faces.

"mmm shit" I moaned loudly about to orgasm.

"Fuck" Chris said biting his lip.

"Shit I'm gonna cum babe" I moaned as I hit my orgasm then climaxed.

"Shit fuck baby" Chris said releasing.

I rolled off of him and laid down next to him catching my breath while he did the same.

"Do you forgive me?" I said pouting.

"I guess" he said kissing my head then going to sleep.

"I love you" I whispered tracing his tattoos on his chest.

"Love you too" he mumbled going to sleep.

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