Number 43

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It was past midnight and your boyfriend Chris is dead asleep. Your laying with your legs spread and panties off rubbing your clit. Your biting your letting out soft moans but rubbing won't cut it anymore. You let your moans get louder but Chris still isn't awake. So you turn over.

"Chris baby" you say shaking him and biting your lip.

No response so you start kissing his neck. Still nothing. So you reach down and rub CJ and say.

"Chris I want CJ baby"

You feel Chris jolt at your words.

"Chris I want you baby"

"Mmm baby you soaked" he said reaching down and touching my pussy.

"Mmm yes baby" you say moving on him into a straddle position and turning on your lamp on your nightstand.

"Yn baby how long have you been rubbing your clit is red?"

"Mm too long Papi" you moan as he start to rub you with his thumb.

"Mmm sit in me baby" he said sliding you to sit on his face as he eats you out.

"Mmm baby" you say grabbing his hair as you grind slowly on his face as he slips his tongue back and forth.

You feel yourself start to go into your orgasm and build with your juice. You then climax in Chris's mouth. You slide back down to straddle CJ. You slip CJ into your slit and glide your hips back and forth.

"Ahh baby" you moan as CJ hits your spot.

"Mm babe your pussy feels so good" Chris said making you glide harder.

"Baby I'm gonna cum"

"Me too babygirl"

If only this was real

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