Number 5

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*Today Chris is getting out of jail and your his girlfriend. You are so happy*

L.A County Jail

"Hello I'm here for Chris Brown" you say to the secretary.

"Okay he will be out in a few you may have a seat" said the secretary.

"Thank you ma'am" you say sitting down.

*Five Minutes Later*

The door opened and you stand up.

"Chris baby" you scream as you run into his long arms.

"Y/n babe your here I missed you" Chris whispered in your ear.

"I wouldn't miss it let's go home babe" you say taking his hand.

--- skip car ride---

"Babe I missed you so much" you say to Chris as you guys snuggle on the coach.

"I missed you too" Chris said kissing your neck.

"Babe I missed you so much" you moaned.

"You like that" Chris questioned still kissing you neck and rubbing your core.

" I want you so bad" Chris grunted as you rub his bonner.

After Chris said that you both went crazy. Clothes were flying everywhere shirt pants underwear all over the living room floor.

"You ready babe" Chris asked ready to put it 10 inch cock into your tight pussy.

"Hell yeah I miss and love you so much" you say kissing him.

"I love you too" Chris says putting it in.

"Ow babe I'm a little tight" you say asking for mercy.

"Okay babygirl I got you" Chris said taking long strokes.

After five minutes Chris was pounding your g-spot over and over and over again.

"Babe Mmmm right there yesssss" you scream in pleasure.

"You like that baby huh you like that right there" Chris questioned.

"Yess" you scream as you cum.

"Damn babe" Chris said cumming shortly after you.

"I love you Chris" you say breathing heavily.

"Love you too babe" Chris says back.

Then you both fall into deep sleep on the couch cuddled together.

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