Number 8

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*You and Chris are chilling at home watching a movie. You have been his friend since elementary school. You started living with him 5 years ago when he needed love the most.*

Your POV

"Do you want so popcorn?" you yell to Chris while you were looking for food.

"Yup" he says scaring the living shit out of you.

"You fucking need to stop scaring be Chris" you say turning away from him and go back to looking for popcorn.

"I'm sorry y/n but it's funny watching you be scared" he says giggling and running into the living room.

"Yeah you better run yellow bone" you yell to him while putting the popcorn into the microwave. After the popcorn was done you but it into a bowl and walk into the living room to sit on the couch with Chris.

"What are we watching?" you ask looking at Chris.

"Shutter Island" he says looking at the screen.

"Chris why would you put that on you know I hate scary movies" you say laying your head on his lap.

"Well your in luck because is a horror film it isn't just scary it's creepy too" he says stroking his hand through your hair.

"Well thanks Chris now I won't sleep tonight." you say rolling your eyes.

"Anything for you" he says smiling hard.

In the middle of the movie you feel Chris's "friend" tense up under your head.

"You okay" you ask turning to look at Chris biting his lips with his eyes closed.

"Yeah why?" he asks opening his eyes.

"I feel your little man" you say laughing.

"Your wrong he is my BIG friend" he said.

"Yeah sure" you say turning back to the movie.

"Can you move your head?" he asks biting his lip.


"Cause your making me really horny and hard" he said trying to move your head.

"I really don't care Chris"

"Well please cause I don't have a girlfriend that can give me head so I'm not horny anymore cause you head was on me for to long.

"First of all you don't have a girlfriend that gives you head because you can't take people giving you head cause you never get it"

"Well I bet you suck at giving head"

"Oh really you think that?"

"Hell yeah I do"

"Okay well I bet you can't give a girl and orgasm"

"I can do that and I can make you cum"

"Deals on let's go"

"Okay fine"

That was all you could say to each other cause Chris leaned down and kissed your lips. You melted and got 100% wet. Chris them moves from your jawline to your neck.

"Mmmm Chris"

"You like that babygirl?"


"How about this?" He said removing your shirt and bra and starts to suck your nipple.

"Mmmm Chris"

"Damn" he says putting his hand down your pants and starts rubbing your clit.



"Your terrible at this"

"Haha nice try, your ass has been moaning for the past 20 minute.

"I know it's fun to see you mad"

"Oh really" he says slapping your thigh.

"Yeah" you say biting your lip.

"Well I guess your ready" he said taking of your pants and underwear and his shirt off. Then he starts to eat you out.

"Mmmm Chris right there"

"Mmm" he moaned against you making your thighs start to shake.

"Chris your gonna make me cum" you say throwing your head back.

"Cum for my y/n baby"

"Oh fuck" you say while letting your juices flow.


"I want you Chris"


"Yes really"

"You know i don't think so"

"Why not"

"Cause this is a dream"


"Wake up"

You suddenly wake with your panties soaked. Chris was shaking you.





"Nice wet dream about me" Chris says kissing you on the cheek.

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