Number 38

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*You and Chris are just hanging at home. Chris's phone has been blowing up all day long with hoes texting him and you know it. He was in the kitchen and you were looking in his phone and another after another texted him. This is dedicated to @Taco_domo_spiffy and your name is La'Tasha.

La'Tasha's POV

Jordan, Jessica,Ally,Allison, Rachael. All these girls text my man. Bitches be thirsty if you ask me like damn. Then Chris came in.


"Don't baby me I'm tired of all these hoes texting you"

"I know but they just want CJ"

"You know what fuck you goodbye Chris" I said getting up and walking to our room.

"Wait baby I love you" Chris said running after you.

"Fuck you Chris" I said throwing my clothes into a bag.

"Say that again" he said getting in your face as he clenched his jaw.

"Fuck you" I screamed in his face.

"You know what" he said picking you up and throwing you on the bed.

"What" I spatted as he threw my clothing on the floor. Him being angry was actually turning me on.

"Your be veiny going to say that again" he said taking off my t-shirt and sucking on my right nipple.

"Chrisss get off" I moaned as he put his hand down my panties and rubbed my clit.

He kiss he way down to your panties and took them off with his teeth. he stuck three fingers in me right away making me groan in pain. He sped up making me almost cum till he added another finger.

"Ah fuck" I said releasing my juices all over his fingers.

Without anytime Chris slammed his 11" cock into my slit going hard.

"Baby" I whimpered in mercy but that only turn Chris on making go faster.

"Ow baby your to deep" I said with tears filling up my eyes.

He backed up a little and took deep long strokes. He then went deeper and deeper as he looked straight into my eyes with lust.

"Mmm Chris I'm gonna cum" I screamed as I released.

"All fours" he said seductively.

I got into my position and Chris slammed back in. He grabbed my hair.

"What's my name"

"Ahhhhh" I moaned with pleasure as he went in and out of my throbbing pussy.

"What's my name" he said going slow but hard.

"Daddyyy" I screamed as I came again and then he release in me.

We both collapsed on the bed.

"Baby I love you"

"I love you too" I said kissing his nose.

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