Number 25

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*Today is your Brithday! Chris your boyfriend has the best present but let's start at the beginning of the day. This is dedicated to @Chrisbrownwife1989 your name is Princess.

Princess POV

Aye bitches it my birthday!!! Im so happy till I looked over at the clock and saw it was 1:30pm. I groaned and laid back down on my pillow. I mean a Birthday Girl needs her rest right but then I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and into my room and walking over to my side of the bed.

"Happy Birthday my babygirl" Chris said bending over and kissing you in the cheek.

"Thanks baby" I said smiling.

"I made you breakfast it's downstairs"

"Okay I'm coming" I said putting on a t-shirt and panties and going downstairs.

I saw three blueberry pancakes and a candle that was lot in them and a note that said...

Hey babygirl I made you pancakes
Pancakes for my babycakes
I love you
And you of course love me too
I'm in the art room so don't come in
If you ain't twerkin

-Love Chris

I smiled at my note and how creative he is. I blew out the candle and ate my pancakes. Not lying they were amazing my babe is a chef. I started walking to the art room then I turned around and started back up twerking.

"Chris baby I read your note" I said backing up into the couch he was sitting on and sitting down.

"I see baby" he said laughing at me.

"So what are we doing today?"

"Whatever you want it's your birthday"

"I just wanna stay here and chill"

"Okay fine with me" he said pecking my lips softly.

We laid there for the longest time making out till I pulled away.

"Can we watch a movie I always wanted to see?"

"Yeah what movie?"

"The Lifeguard"

"That's a chick flick" he mumbled.

"Please Chris there is sex in it" I whined.

"Sex?" he said picking my up and going into the tv room.

I bought the movie from on demand as Chris made the popcorn. After Chris came back he laid his back against the back of the sofa and pulled me to lay in front of him. About 50 minutes into the movie the sex scene comes up. You feel CJ tense up against you ass but you don't do anything. Chris pulled your waist into his erection and you leave out a moan.

"Damn baby I need you" he whispered into your ear.

"How bad?"

"So fucking bad" he said groaning as he rubbed his erection into your ass harder.

You climb on top of him and start to roll your hips into CJ making Chris as sexy as can be.

"Mmm baby" I moaned as I rubbed harder.

"Baby do you want CJ?" He asked throwing my t-shirt on the ground.

"Yyyesss" I groaned.

Chris rolled over so he was on top and started to take off my panties and kiss down my stomach.



"Just fuck me I need CJ"

"Damn girl" he said sliding my panties off and pulling his sweats and boxers off. He reveled the rock hard CJ I have been begging for.

"Chris I want you inside me" I whined rubbing CJ's tip against my slit.

"Okay baby" he said sliding CJ into your wet pussy.

"Mmm baby I've never had birthday sex before"

"Well I'm happy I'm your first" he said going deeper into you.

"Mmm fuck Chris baby I'm going to cum" I said after 20 minutes of skin slapping.

"Fuck me to babe" he moaned.

"Shit Daddddyy" I yelled as my juice flowed out of me on to CJ.

"Mmm baby" Chris moaned as his liquids squirted into my pussy.

"Baby I gotta say that was the best sex ever" I said trying to catch my breath.

"Baby I have your present"

"Chris I told you-"

"I know you told me no gifts but I don't give a fuck what you say" he said getting up and running into the next room.

I laughed at him as CJ swung back and forth as he came running back. He put my panties and gave me a bra and he put on his boxers.

"I thought you would want me to be dressed when I do this"

"Do what?" I questioned.

"Baby" he said getting down on one knee making me gasp.

"I love you with all my heart and even more. You will always be my only love through thick and thin. Princess baby will you marry me?" he asked flipping up the lid of the black velvet box and showing you a beautiful diamond ring.

"Yes Chris" I said as tears escaped my eyes.

What a great birthday!!!

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