Number 10

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*You and Chris are at the movie theatre to watch The Conjuring. You have been friend with Chris for almost 4 years. You think Chris has feeling for you but you don't know. This imagine is dedicated to @bxtch_please!

Tapanga POV

"Chris I don't wanna see this movie" you whine as you wait in line to get into the theatre.

"Aww don't be a baby"

"I want to sleep tonight-"

"You will you know if you get scared you can cover eyes okay"

"Yeah yeah" you say stepping into the movie theatre.

"Where do you wan to sit"

***You Thought***

I want to sit in the back to see if Chris would kiss me or not.

*** Thought Ended***

"Um well back far enough that we can see the screen"

"Well no shit"

"Oh shut the hell up"

"Come on pick"

"Okay let's go in middle"

As you make your way to your seats you see two girls from your school and they are glaring at you.

"What the fuck do you want?"

"Nothing just take you little boyfriend and go to your seats"

"First off I don't even like Chris that way we are just friends and are gonna stay that way so by bitched see ya later"

You continued up the the steps and take your seats. While your siting there Chris didn't say one word to you till the movie was completely over.

"Chris what's your problem do you not want to talk to me"

"I'm all good" he says rolling his eyes.

"Bullshit and guess what we aren't leaving till you tell me what the fuck happened"

"Well your gonna be here forever cause nothing's wrong"

"Fine I'm willing to wait"

"Alright then" he says pulling out his phone

"Nope no phone till you tell me"

"I have to tell my mom I won't get home till later"

"Chris we both know your mom doesn't care when you come home because she is always at her boyfriends house and your dad is at work like every night and your sister is at her boyfriends house taking care of their kid"

"That's true"

"So are you gonna spill it or no"

"I like sitting here"

"Okay well at least lets leave before we get in trouble"

"Fine do you want to go to my house"

"Sure cause I'm with my dad so he won't care cause he trust you with me"


You guys walk out of theatre you can tell Chris is really hurt. But why would he be? It's not like I said anything hurt full to him or about him. Maybe because I yelled at the girls but I said that he was my boyfriend or I don't lik-

"I know what's up with you"

"Oh really what might that be?"

Your mad because I said to the girls that I would never date you"


"Chris is that it?"


"Chris are you gonna answer me"


"Is that why you acted like this all because I said something like that"

"I'm done talking about this"

"No your not cause I want to know why you take that offensive"

"Because I have feelings for you for like a freaking year now and you don't see it I guess because you said shit like that to them girls so I can tell that you don't like me so just drop it okay"

"No because what would you do if you knew I knew you had feelings for you?"

"I would be even more upset because you should've held that back because I liked you and I was standing right there with you"

"Well Chris- gco"

"You did know didn't you?"

"I kinda did I could tell and I know it was a bitchy thing to do"

"I don't even give two shits if you think it was a bitchy thing to do you should've told me you know. Now I know you don't like me so drop it"

"Chris I didn't mean what I said"

"Bullshit you did know exactly what you were saying to show me you don't like me so don't pull that with me and say it tell me you don't like me"

"Chris I don't like you that way"

"Alright then"

"So your not mad?"

"Hell yeah I'm mad"

"I don't understand you"

"Why what the fuck did I do to you? I didn't shit to you then you tell me your would never date me even though I have liked you for almost a year now"

"Take me to my house"

"So your not even gonna answer me by what i did wrong?"

"Nope cause you didn't do anything wrong and I feel horrible I don't like you the way you like me so just take me to my house cause I need space"

"So I lost my best friend basically"

"Hell no you didn't I just feel bad so take me to my house please"

"Okay fine"

When you guys pull up to your house you feel relieved. All you felt like doing is cry. Tears filled your eyes then you feel a hot tear go down your cheek and wipe it fast but Chris catches you.

"Tapanga why are you crying?"

"Cause I feel like a feel like a pile of shit"


"You know why"

"Don't worry about that baby it's not your fault it's what you feel"

"Okay but that doesn't make me feel better anyway"

"Don't worry about it"

"Text you tomorrow"


"Okay I gotta go"

"I don't want anymore crying from you"

"Okay bye" you say giggling and hug him


When you guys pull away you guys are 2 centimeters from each other so you lean in. Your lips touch and you almost melt. The kiss lasts only for a few seconds.


"Okay Chris I will see ya later" you peck his lips and get out of the car and unlock your house door and go inside.

"What the hell just happened" you mumble and go upstairs.

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