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*Harry's POV*

I walked into my classroom, looking down at my watch. I needed to hurry in order to make it on time. I stopped mid step as I noticed Randi standing near my desk, staring at it. She turned her head as she heard the door close, and I looked at her, scrunching my eyebrows. What was she doing here? I then noticed the shrill ringing noise coming from my desk, and I speedily walked over to it. I couldn't find it under the endless supply of papers. I really needed to be more organized. I finally discovered it under yesterday's test papers, before looking at the caller id. Shit. My facial expression struggled not to show any panic as I quickly hit ignore on the cell phone. Randi couldn't see who was calling me, that would ruin absolutely everything. I tried playing it cool, (A/N Note: One Thing reference ;p I'm not a carrot I promise.. Moving on) immediately turning my gaze back to Randi so she wouldn't think anything was unordinary. I threw the phone back on the desk, and chuckled as Randi released a breathy "Hi."

"Hey," I answered her, noticing how good she looked in her outfit. She always looked good, but I think she looks best when she's wearing that crop top and high waisted jeans. It was the same outfit she wore the day she helped me look for Madi. Or maybe they're different jeans? I think the ones before were darker. Okay, am I really sitting here wondering if she's wearing different jeans? I'm losing it.

I really missed her though. It's only been a month since I last saw her, but you don't realize how long a month actually is until you spend it away from the one that you love.

Okay, and now I'm getting cheesy. This needs to stop.

"Yeah, so I need to speak to you about something," she said cautiously, and that kind of made my heart beat a little bit faster. What would she need to tell me about? I also couldn't stop thinking about that phone call. What if they call again? What if she asks who it is? What would I tell her?

"Yeah?" I finally answered, waving her over to me. She walked over, and I immediately pulled her into me, so that she was standing in between my legs that were currently sitting on my desk chair.

She took a deep breath, "Yeah. So there's this guy," she started and I swear I've never felt anything like the emotion I'm feeling right now. What guy? She's not changing her mind about me is she? Why is there a guy, and why is she telling me this? I could tell my face probably looked slightly panicked, and that proved to be correct when she corrected, "No, not like that. Well, kinda. But I don't like him or anything, I just.. Okay, so I sit by him in Calculus, right? And we talk and we're friends and stuff. Well like five minutes ago, he met me at my locker and he," she paused for a second, and all I could focus on was trying to relax my face so I didn't look so crazy. The dramatic pause was absolutely killing me.. What is she going to say? She didn't cheat on me, did she? Well, we're not dating, but still. She wouldn't do that, right? "He asked me on a date, and I immediately said no, okay? I didn't want to go on a date with him, obviously, so I told him I was busy," she paused once again, and I nodded my head for her to continue. If she's not going on a date with him, then what is she getting at here? "So then he got all sad, and I felt really bad. So I kind of told him I wasn't busy tomorrow, and that I'd go to the movies with him," she finished, then began wrapping her arms around my neck. That put me slightly at ease, but it didn't distract me enough from her last sentence. She's going on a date. Tomorrow. With a guy. That's not me.

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