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In Art, we drew portraits of the person sitting next to us. The seats were assigned and although I would've liked to sit next to Scottie, who I had this class with luckily, I ended up next to this girl who didn't talk. I mean, there's nothing wrong with that, but she literally wouldn't say anything.

You'd think she was shy if it wasn't for that glare that was on her face when you tried talking to her. I gave up trying to be nice and just drew her side profile, since she wouldn't look at me.

I got done relatively early, as I have 0 art skill and I could't do much better than what I had done already. When Mrs. Callahan came to look at it, she tried not to laugh but failed miserably. I ended up laughing with her because, yeah, it really was bad.

But I bet it would've been so much better if the girl next to me would just cooperate. Have you ever tried drawing someone from the side of their face? It's difficult, let me tell ya.

6th hour, was child development, taught by Mr. Oliander. He was strict but the class was easy, so whatever. We just did a worksheet where we filled out things about ourselves and then had to present it in front of the class.

7th hour, aka my last hour of the day, was my favorite class. Yearbook. I want to be a book publisher and this is the closest class to it. I'm the editor of the yearbook, so although sometimes I do have to write an article, I mostly just read others and fix their grammar errors. I didn't mind though. After all, I'd rather edit than write any day. That's why I want to be a publisher and not an author. Today, the teacher Mr. Hardenbrooke, who is new to the school, explained the new yearbook software that we'd be using this year. He had an entire PowerPoint prepared that didn't teach anything, but everyone pretended to understand by nodding their heads along to his explanations.

The final bell rang and everyone skidded out of their seats and rushed out the door. Day one of senior year is over, thank goodness.

I went to my locker and threw the packet Mr. Hardenbrooke handed out that was filled with useless things such as information about him and how to use the new Yearbook Software. It landed at the bottom of my locker and I slammed the door shut.

I walked down the hallway and outside and into my car. In my rearview mirror, I briefly saw Mr. Styles getting into his Range Rover and I smiled at his choice of car. My dad's had a Range Rover practically my entire life and he was always the first on the list to get one when there was a new one out. Seems as if Harry is as well, since his is the latest model.

I watched him unlock his car door and bend inside, grabbing something from the passenger side. I noticed it was a brown, leather bag and once he got that, he closed the door and locked it before walking back inside the school building.

I pulled out of the parking lot to leave for my house. Halfway home, I realized I left my damn English homework in my locker. I know Mrs. Bowling and she'll easily give me a detention tomorrow if I don't turn it in. But I was already almost home and all I want to do is take a hot bubble bath.

Screw it, detention is only an hour long anyway. And who knows, maybe Mrs. Bowling will take it easy on me since she's known me for 4 years and it's only the second day of school.

I sighed in relief when I pulled in my driveway and parked my car. Once inside I ran straight to my bathroom and started the bath. That was literally all I wanted right now. I put the water as hot as it could go and poured some bubblegum bubble bath in it before going to my room to pick out a good book. I looked through the countless number of books on my shelf and picked out one of my Nicholas Sparks ones. I've read each of his books more than I could count but I couldn't get sick of them even if I tried. Today, I would be rereading A Bend in the Road.

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