Chapter 8

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Here's chapter 8 :) Enjoy! By the way, I know this story is based in England, but I'm from America so I have no idea how school is there, so just pretend it's the same there as it is here. Thanks :) Please vote & comment, I love reading your guys' reactions & reviews. They make me happy <3


We walked into the classroom and parted our ways, as she sat on the opposite side of the room from me. You were supposed to put the assignment in the basket next to the door as you walked in, but unfortunately I had to skip it. Mrs. Bowling seemed to have noticed as well.

"I certainly hope you're only walking past the basket so you can get the assignment out of that ridiculous purse of yours, Miss Groves," she said, and I had to refrain myself from rolling my eyes. I looked down at my bright green purse with studs on it and mentally scoffed. Ridiculous?

"Actually," I began, "I sort of left my homework at home today. I woke up late and completely forgot to grab it. It's finished though!" I lied straight through my teeth. "I'll bring it in tomorrow, I promise."

"Finished, is it?" She asked me, and I responded with a nod. "Okay, so give me a summary of what you had to do."

I inwardly flinched. "U-uh, um well, you see, I had to write an essay on.... Shakespeare?" I blindly guessed, having no idea what the hell the worksheet was on as I hadn't paid much attention in class yesterday, or given the worksheet much of a glance.

Mrs. Bowling only laughed, "Dentention, 3:30." She wrote my name on the little red slip as well as the time and what room I need to be in at that time. I grabbed the paper from her hand and turned around, making my way to my seat. So much for cutting me some slack.

I sat down at my desk and quietly paid attention today in class, not wanting to repeat all of this tomorrow. I glanced down to read my detention slip. Miranda Groves. 3:30 PM Room 104. Why did that room sound so familiar? It's one of my teacher's rooms, I think. It seems like I've seen it on my schedule.

Soon enough, the bell rang and Mrs. Bowling rolled out the whole, 'The bell does not dismiss you, I do' thing and we had to stay an extra two minutes while she explained the assignment that was due tomorrow. Another thing about this class, you get homework basically everyday.

I wasn't far off about yesterday's assignment, BTW. I said we had to write an essay on Shakespeare, but we actually had to read the beginning of one of his plays and reflect on it, meaning, we had to talk about what it means and how it makes us feel and all that jazz, as well as fill out a worksheet that asked questions about the play. Tonight we had to read a biography about Shakespeare and write about him. Fun.

She finally let us leave and I hurried out of the hallway, passing Mr. Styles on the way, who nodded at me and I smiled at him. I made my way to Science and since Mrs. Bowling released us late, and it was on the opposite side of the school, I was racing against time. I made it in the door and the bell rang as I just sat down at my seat. We just did a powerpoint in that class.

Spanish was next and Mrs. Hernandez passed out the notes for the section and then did a powerpoint, with the same exact notes that were written on our papers. I think I fell asleep during that class, because all of a sudden the bell rang and I opened my eyes, not remembering what we were supposed to learn about.

It was finally lunch, and I went into the lunch room to see that our booth was completely unoccupied. I must of got here early, as usually Chelsea or Scottie would be sitting down already, but it was empty. I slid in and waited for them to come.

Cassidy saw me and came to sit next to me and I smiled at her.

"Do you normally eat lunch alone?" She asked me, gesturing to the empty booth I was sitting in.

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