Chapter 44

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Today's Friday and literally the entire school is buzzing. Girls are gossiping about who's taking who to the dance, while guys are bragging about who they're going to 'bag' afterwards. Classy, eh?

I can't really say that I'm not looking forward to the dance, because I kind of am, but I'm not super excited, as all of the other girls are. I'm just excited to get out of my house and do something for once. I've literally spent the last three months watching movies and knitting. It's not healthy.

It was 7th hour right now and after school Scottie and Mikey will be coming over to my house to get ready. Mikey's sister, Ana, will also be coming over, so I'll actually have a girl to get ready with.

What did boys even have to do to get ready? They don't really have hair to style, nor makeup to put on, they don't need to shave.. They just need to put on the suit and go. Dickheads.

The final bell rang and I practically ran out the door, meeting everyone at my car. As per usual, Scottie and Mikey were late, but Ana on the other hand, was early. She sat in the front seat so that the loverboys could sit in the back next to each other. Both of their suits along with Ana's dress were in the trunk of my car, along with their masks, and I bought a new curling wand yesterday so that I can curl my hair into bigger curls. Wow, I said curl a lot in that sentence. Yeah, I got a new wand and it has 4 different wand stick things you know? That you attach to the one thing? Yeah, I'm terrible at explaining things but it's really cool and it beats my old $20 curling wand. I was verrrrryy excited to curl mine and maybe Ana's hair with it.

Once Scottie and Mikey finally piled into my car, I took off toward my house. We were all excited, and Mikey and Scottie were singing very obnoxiously along to the radio. Ana just sat quietly in the front seat, not talking (as usual).

We finally pulled into my driveway and Scottie all but tucked and rolled when he got out of my car before it came to a stop. I laughed at him as he got up from the ground, rubbing his butt.

He skipped to my front door, holding his suit and tapping his foot while he waited for me. I shook my head and took my time walking up there.

"For fuck's sake, Miranda, hurry up!" He yelled and I giggled, jogging up the steps and unlocking the door. He automatically ran up the stairs and into my bedroom while Mikey followed, making an unattractive laughing noise the entire way up. I shook my head, following them up the stairs with Ana behind me.

When I walked in my room, I saw two boys in only their white underpants. I covered my eyes.

"Okay, just because your gay doesn't mean I'd like to see you guys practically naked so can you like, go in my bathroom please?" I shooed them away and they were cracking up the entire way there.

"Can I see your dress?" I asked Ana excitedly. I haven't had very much contact with females since I learned Chelsea backstabbed me. I realized just how many friends I didn't have.

"Yeah," she smiled, unzipping the white bag thing and pulling out a beautiful maroon colored dress, with sequins practically covering it.

I gasped, "That's beautiful," I grinned, reaching out to touch it. I think I was more in love with her dress than I was with mine.

"Let's see yours," she smiled in return and I ran to my closet to grab it, unzipping the same white bag she did before grabbing the dress so I could take it into my room to show her.

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