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I woke up the next day, surprisingly early, which is a first for me. I decided it’d probably be a good idea to take a shower, as my hair was practically a grease pile. TMI? 

Anywho, once out of the shower, I decided to look nice for once, since I look like a bum practically daily. I got a pretty floral dress out of my closet, even though it’s October and probably too cold to wear it. I shrugged and put it on, debating on whether or not to wear tights. I decided against it, as I’d only be outside for a total of 5 minutes today. I plugged in both my curling iron and my blow dryer, quickly drying my hair and curling the ends. 

My bangs looked terrible, as they always do, so I braided them back on each side, wrapping the braids around my head and clipping them in the back. I messed up the curls a little by running my fingers through them and then unplugged the curling iron.

I then moved on to makeup. I’m never really one to wear a lot of makeup, even on special occasions, so I just lined my top lid with dark brown eyeshadow and put a shit ton of mascara on.

I then used some pink lipstick that matched the flowers on my dress. I looked in the mirror at my reflection and for once, felt satisfied with how I looked. Maybe I should put in more effort everyday.

I went downstairs and since it was only 6:45, I decided I could eat a breakfast, which is another thing that I rarely do.

The latest I could leave at is 7:15, so while looking through my cupboards, I chose to make chocolate chip pancakes. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had those.

I bent down and sifted through the pots and pans covered, moving all of them aside so I could get the griddle out. I then proceeded to grab the pancake mix and some chocolate chips, mixing them together with the other needed ingredients.  

Once that was mixed, I poured half of it onto the griddle to make a giant pancake. After a few minutes, I flipped it and waited for the other side to be done. The first pancake was done and I went onto making the second pancake with the other half of the batter.

Once both pancakes were done, I set them on a plate and then grabbed the maple syrup out of the twirly cupboard. I poured a glass of orange juice, and skillfully carried the plate, cup, and syrup to the table.

I poured the syrup on my pancakes and sighed as I took my first bite. I should be a chef, these are delicious. 

I finished them in minutes and put my dish in the sink. I heard a toilet flush, and not much later my mom came walking down the stairs with her robe on.

“Morning,” I greeted her, hoping she wasn’t as mad at me as she was the night before.

Luckily she smiled and greeted me, “Good morning.”

I kind of felt bad for not making her pancakes, but I kind of forgot she was here. She doesn’t normally stay the night when her and dad come for their monthly visits. They just check up on me and spend the day here, then leave. 

Plus, when has she ever made me pancakes?

I shrugged it off and grabbed my cell phone and my keys, fully prepared to leave for school, but she wasn’t having that.

“Honey, it’s only 7, come sit and let’s catch up. I haven’t seen you for a month,” she patted the table and I suppressed an eye roll.

“Yeah, because you and dad abandoned me to live in London,” I stated, still not over the fact that she was rude to Harry last night. Even though he didn’t seem to care, it still bothered me.

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