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I hated it. I hated feeling so attached to someone. I hated that I loved him. I hated that I let myself get like this. I hated that he did this to me. I hated it all.

Part of me didn't want to jump to conclusions. The last time I did that, I was mad at him for babysitting his niece. What if this time's no different? What if that's his cousin, or something? I don't really know what his mom looks like, could that be her? No, the girl looks like she's in her early, maybe late, twenties. That couldn't be his mom. It's not Gemma, as she has pastel hair. Well, she had pastel hair the last time I saw her, which was months ago. Could she have died it back to brown? I think that's her natural color, because she had it in the picture at Harry's apartment. But still, even from all the way over here, I don't think that looked anything like Gemma.

So who else? Eleanor, Louis' girlfriend? That's stupid, though. Why would Harry be with her? It's possible, but I don't know. Unless Louis is around here somewhere.

But then the other part of me thinks he's seeing another girl. Why was he acting so weird last week? He completely ignored that phone call in front of me, then told me it was okay to date other guys, then basically kicked me out of his classroom. So he's hiding something. Is it that he has a girlfriend?

Why me? Why can't I like someone normal, like Cameron, who is my own age and the only drama we would have would be over who's paying for dinner that night. Why did I have to fall in love with my teacher?

I groaned, burying my face into the blanket underneath me so I could distract myself from creepily watching Harry and that girl hangout.

Plus, they're hanging out an hour away from Holmes Chapel. Why would Harry go through all of the trouble of driving over an hour away to hangout with this girl? Why not just hangout with her in Holmes Chapel? Unless he just wanted to go to the beach, like Scottie, Mikey, Cameron, and I did, and he's really doing nothing wrong.

Should I go talk to him? I could just say hi, like nothing's wrong, and if he acts suspicious, I'll know. Or he could introduce me to the girl like nothing's wrong and I'll know he isn't doing anything. But who am I to do that? I'm not his girlfriend. I can't just go barging over there to interrupt them.

So I won't. I'll just forget that I saw anything, and if he's still waiting for me during graduation, I'll ask him about it then. Or I could text him right now and see how he's doing, what he's doing. Would he tell me he's with a girl?

Before I could think about what I was doing, I lifted myself up off of the blanket and began walking to my car. I kept my head held down, so he wouldn't know that I was here. If he did, he'll probably know what I'm up to.

I felt bad doing this, because here he was letting me go on dates with guys not even caring, yet I couldn't do the same? Yet there was a difference between us. He looked like he was genuinely having fun with another girl, while I was miserable when around Cameron. Plus I told him about it, and he hasn't told me. Maybe I'm too invested in this? Maybe I'm too attached? Am I too attached?

I shook that thought off as I unlocked my car door and dug through my purse looking for my phone. When I found it, I immediately opened his contact, that I still haven't changed the name of, and clicked 'Message'. I began typing a short, "Hey xxx". I didn't know if he'd answer or not, as we rarely ever text anymore, but I was hoping he would. The curiosity was eating me up alive about who that girl was. I knew I probably shouldn't care, but I did.

A few seconds later, my iPhone chimed and I checked it to see he had replied with, "Hi .xxxx"

Aw, he put an extra kiss at the end.

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