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One Month Later (March)

That weekend flew by far too fast. We all stayed up watching movies on Saturday night before we decided to go to bed. We slept in the living room, and had to do rock, paper, scissors over who got the couch. Niall won, and the rest of us laid blanket after blanket down on the floor in order to make it a bit more comfortable. You can imagine how difficult it was fitting seven people in Harry's small living room. We had to move the table that is usually in front of the couch into the kitchen in order to make room. Scottie, Mikey, and I left the next day, so Harry could spend time with his friends without worrying about having teenagers around. I didn't want to keep them in his apartment all day, and even though he didn't want me to leave, and we all know I didn't want to leave, I still did.

I couldn't help but feel upset, as that'd probably be the last time that I'd talk to him for another three months, and so far, I was correct.

It's been a month now, and I haven't talked to or seen Harry once. School went by as normal, and the ache in my heart grew smaller every day I was away from Harry. I missed him like crazy, but every day I was apart from Harry, I was one day closer to graduating. One day closer to everything being perfect again. It was bittersweet, really.

The last bell of the day rang, and I made my way to my locker to put my binder away. As I was twisting the combination, I heard a deep voice say, "Hey."

I turned my head to see Cameron, a boy who was in my Yearbook class. I used to sit by him and we've been talking more over the course of this past month.

"Hey," I smiled at him, finishing opening my locker and shoving my binder onto the top shelf.

"Do you wanna, uh, go out tonight or something?" He asked me, which threw me completely off guard. My eyes widened, and I didn't know what to say.

"Uh, tonight?" I awkwardly clarified, not knowing how to handle this situation. He wasn't asking me on a date, right?

"Yeah, I was thinking like a, um, like a date?" He asked, and I watched him scratch the back of his neck, just like Harry does. I couldn't go on a date with him, nor did I want to. But how do I let him down easy? I don't want him to hate me.

"Oh. I'm busy tonight, I'm sorry," I said, hoping he wouldn't see through my lie. He looked down at his feet, nodding his head in defeat (A/N: that rhymed ;p). I felt absolutely terrible, but I couldn't go on a date with him. Not when my heart belonged to someone else.

I absentmindedly played with the small heart necklace that I haven't taken off since the day I found it on my porch, while trying to think of a way to not hurt him.

"That's okay, it was stupid of me to ask anyways," he said sullenly, whilst shaking his head.

I felt terrible. I couldn't just leave him like this.

"But," I paused, thinking about what I was doing, before taking a deep breath and nodding, "I'm not busy tomorrow? Maybe we can catch a movie or something?"

I knew this was a bad idea. A very bad idea. We know what happened last time I was on a 'date', and I knew I shouldn't be doing this, but I couldn't help but feel bad. I'd go out with him once, so at least I'm not completely rejecting him, and then I can just tell him I only see him as a friend and everything will be back to normal. It will be fine.

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