Chapter 25

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The school day ended and I definitely did not want to go home and see my mom. Scottie was hanging out with Hunter and his cousin and Chelsea was absent today, so I didn’t know what else to do.

I decided to go to detention, as Harry and I did have a bet and I needed to waste time anyways.

When I walked in, there was already a girl sitting in the back row of the classroom and I decided not to go to detention today. What fun would it be if I couldn’t even talk to Harry?

I had already walked into the room, however, and both Harry and the girl had already noticed me, so I couldn’t just turn around and leave.

“Um, Mr. Styles, could I talk to you for a second, please?” I spoke up, “It’s about calculus homework.”

I tried to sound casual, but I’m not sure how well I did at that.

I also silently prayed that she’s not in one of his calculus classes, because then she’d realize that we didn’t in fact have any homework.

“Oh yeah, sure,” He said, and I could tell that he was also straining to sound casual as he got up and followed me into the hallway.

 The girl didn’t seem to notice, as she just put her head back down on the desk.

“Yeah?” He asked me, scrunching his eyebrows. He does that a lot, he’s gonna get wrinkles.

“I don’t wanna go home,” I groaned, leaning myself up against the lockers, “My mom’s probably still there and I don’t wanna see her.”

He looked at me in concern, “What happened? Why were you so angry this morning?”

I sighed, not knowing if I should tell him the real reason or just make something up. I was mad because my mom was being an absolute bitch about Harry, but I don’t know if I should tell him that.

“She’s just being a bitch when she doesn’t need to be. She has no place to say the things she did, she only sees me once a month, I hardly even consider her my mom anymore. Yet she comes home going phsyco about my grades and who I hang out with? It’s ridiculous,” I realized I was getting louder and louder as I ranted, and I hoped that the girl in detention couldn’t hear me.

Harry must have thought the same thing as he grabbed my elbow and pulled me down further down the hallway, turning a corner.

“Who you hang out with? What do you mean?” Of all of the things I said, of course he focuses on that. 

I sighed, “She told me not to associate myself with you, that you’re bad news.”

He smirked, “Bad news?” and I couldn’t stop myself from smiling back at him in return. 

“Yeah, so I don’t think I can hangout with you anymore. I’m sorry,” I dramatically sighed and I saw that familiar twinkle in Harry’s eyes.

“Oh, what a shame. Looks like you’ll have to fail calculus, then, doesn’t it?” He wrapped his arm around my waist only for me to pull it off and give him a stern look.

“Not here, dumbass, do you want to get fired?” 

He rolled his eyes, “Why are you only 17?”

I scoffed, “Why are you 23?

He raised his eyebrows, “Touche.”

I laughed and started pushing him back down the hallway and into his classroom, “You have detention to watch.”

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