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Very short update :) Hope you enjoyyy x let me know what you think!


I walked right through his front door because let's face it, I practically lived here all summer, and ran up the stairs so I could get to Scottie's room.

But I was surprised to see Hunter sitting in his chair, spinning around before coming to a halt once he saw me standing in the doorway.

"Um, hi?" I said, looking at Scottie who was laying on his bed upside down grinning at me.

"Hey," he said, beginning to sit up and Hunter finally spoke up as well, stuttering out a "H-hi, Miranda."

I sent a small smile his way and sat on the bed next to Scottie.

"What are you doing here?" I asked Hunter, trying to sound as polite as possible, when really I just wanted him to leave so I could talk to Scottie privately.

"Oh, Scott and I are partners for an English project, so we're supposed to be working on it, but he forgot the poster board so now we can't do anything," Hunter shrugged and my eyes widened at the name "Scott", as nobody has called him that since the day he was born.

I looked at Scottie with my eyebrows raised and all he could do was grin. Well of course, he would, him and Hunter have practically been attached at the hip ever since he started the 'hunt'. Maybe Hunter is gay.

"Oh, well, why don't one of you go get poster board?" I suggested, glaring at Scottie so he wouldn't volunteer. I needed to talk to him and I can't do that with Hunter sitting in here.

"Sure, I will," Hunter offered after a short silence. I smiled at him and he looked around, patting his pockets.

"Shit, I don't have my car, Scott drove me here," he said, looking between Scottie and I.

"Don't look at me," Scottie said, raising his arms in surrender, "I used my mom's car. She's at work until 10."

I groaned, "You can take my car," I said, really needing him out of the house. I was desperate, as you can see.

I threw the keys at him, "I swear to God, if anything happens to my baby, you're dead," I glared at him to seem a bit more intimidating.

"I'll be fine, don't worry," he winked at me and my eyes widened as he ran out the door, keys in hand.

"Can you please hurry up and turn that guy gay?" I asked Scottie. I don't think I can stand him hitting on me anymore.

"It's harder than it looks, Miranda," he sighed, laying back down on his bed, "All he does is talk about you alllll the time, and I think he only talks to me so he can get closer to you, I swear. I shouldn't have let him go on a date with you."

I rubbed his arm, "Don't worry about it, Scottie. I have absolutely 0 feelings for him, obviously, so you have nothing to worry about there. Just let him get me out of his system and he'll be yours before you know it." I tried to sound reassuring, but I honestly don't know how Hunter will ever take the news that this has all been a plan to turn him gay. "Are you ever gonna tell him about all of this?" I asked Scottie.

I felt him shrug against my leg, "I don't know. I feel like he'll never talk to me again if I do, so I might just have to turn him gay and never speak of this again."

"Well if it's any consolation, I'm pretty sure it's working. I mean minus the fact he keeps hitting on me, he seems to be hanging out with you a lot. And I've been seeing Erica around less and less lately," I pointed out.

"We 'broke up' yesterday," Scottie laughed and I joined him.

"And he's still hanging out with you! Scottie, that's such a good sign," I said, genuinely happy for him.

He didn't answer me, so we just sat in silence for a few minutes before I remembered my reason for coming here.

"Oh, Scottie! You're never going to believe this," I said, reaching my hand down my pocket to grab the notes.

That seemed to get his attention as he leaned up on his elbows to look over at me.

"I got these notes today, this one was in my locker," I handed the one to him, "And these were on my car," I handed him the other two.

He unfolded them and I watched his eyebrows furrow as his eyes skimmed the pages.

"What the fuck?" He said, reading the last one. "Who sent you these?"

"That's what I wanted to talk to you about, I have no idea who it could be. I thought it'd be Cassidy, since you know, I thought she told the principal about it in the first place, but I talked to her today and I honestly don't think it's her. But I don't know who else it could be?"

"Well, who wouldn't want you to date Mr. Styles? Like who is it affecting to where they would blackmail you to stop you from going out with him?" He wondered out loud and I thought about it.

The only person I could think of was Hunter, but I was scared to say that to Scottie, since he was practically in love with him.

I decided to say it anyways, because honestly, what do I have to lose?

"The only person I can think of is Hunter," I admitted and waited for Scottie's reaction. It was silent for a minute before I looked over at him.

He shook his head, "No, Hunter wouldn't do that," he dismissed, however I couldn't think of anybody else who would.

"But think about it, Scottie. He's the only guy in the school who even pays attention to me, and he always flirts with me. He could be jealous that Harry and I are together-" Scottie interrupted me.

"Harry?!" He exclaimed and I cringed at his high pitched voice.

"Oh, that's Mr. Style's first name. I haven't told you?" I asked, confused, since I told him practically every detail of this week. I don't know how I left that out.

"Are you serious? Harry? I was expecting something more seductive, like Juan, or Pablo, or something," he said, sounding disappointed.

"Juan? Pablo? He's not mexican, Scottie," I laughed and he shrugged, whilst also smiling.

"Still, Harry just sounds like a little boy's name or something," he pouted and I smacked him.

"Stop," I groaned, "Harry's a cute name."

"Yeah, for a four year old," he laughed and I frowned.

"I'm just kidding Miranda, stop getting so upset about me making fun of your man's name," he smirked at me and I smacked him again.

"But seriously, back to the matter at hand. It has to be Hunter, I mean, who else would it be?" I wondered. I really couldn't think of anybody else who would care enough to do this.

"It's not Hunter," Scottie surprisingly snapped at me. My eyes widened as he continued, "Why would he even care Miranda? It's not like he's in love with you."

"I'm not saying he is, Scottie, I'm just saying he flirts with me everyday and you just said this yourself, that he talks about me all of the time. Maybe he's jealous of me and Harry?" I said, hoping he doesn't freak out at me again. We never fight and now if I even say one little thing about Hunter, he gets mad at me.

"Don't flatter yourself," he scoffed, getting off his bed and walking out of his room. My jaw dropped.

What just happened?

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