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I was kind of speechless. I sat there on the couch, staring up at Perrie Edwards with my jaw dropped. How and why was she standing in Harry's living room? I looked over at Harry, with my eyes wide and he just smirked at me, as if he was amused at my reaction. I looked like absolute crap right now, in Harry's t-shirt and boxers, with my hair a curled mess, and raccoon eyes, while Perrie looked absolutely perfect, as always, without an ounce of make up on her face and her hair pulled up in a high pony tail. Can I be her please?

"Hi, I'm Perrie," she grinned at me, as she sat next to me on the couch, "So you're Harry's girlfriend, eh?"

I was still speechless, just staring at her close proximity to me. Perrie Edwards was sitting on the same couch as me. When I didn't respond, Perrie awkwardly looked at Harry for confirmation of her question.

He nodded, "Yeah, that's Randi. She's a massive fan, always talking about how she'd totally go lesbian for you." He mimicked me in a girly voice. My eyes widened at Harry, before they settled into a glare, silently telling him to shut his annoying smirky mouth.

Perrie laughed and I turned my attention back over to her, "Would you now? Sorry, love, I'm taken," she giggled and I still sat there silently, as the dark haired guy walked over to the couch and sat next to her, pulling her into him.

"By me," he threw in and I managed to break my face into a smile at him.

"I, you- what? You're Perrie Edwards," I managed to so cleverly spit out of my mouth.

She laughed and nodded her head yes, "Yeah, I am. And you're Randi?"

I'm pretty sure she probably thinks I'm mental by now, but I couldn't form a complete sentence.

"Sorry, I, just, you're Perrie Edwards," I managed to say again. Great first impression Miranda, she's not going to think you're crazy or anything.

She laughed, somewhat uncomfortable, and then said, "Harry's told us all so much about you."

My eyes widening, looking toward Harry who kind of just sent me a small and cute smile, whilst shrugging.

"Like what?" I asked, suddenly curious and forgetting that I'm speaking to Perrie Edwards from Little Mix.

"How awful you are, and that you smell," the dark haired guy spoke up this time and I glared at Harry who was laughing.

"He's joking, I've told them only good things. Trust me," Harry smirked, squeezing himself in between the side of the couch and myself. I didn't mind.

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