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He unlocked the door and we both walked into his apartment. I smiled at the comfortness of it, and the fact that it hasn't changed a bit. I grinned, running to the couch and immediately throwing myself on it.

"Oh, how I have missed you," I spoke to the couch, taking in the comfort of the lovely thing. I seriously need to buy one of these.

"I think you missed my couch more than you missed me," Harry pouted, sitting down next to me and pulling me into him.

"I did," I verified, snuggling myself into him.

"I can tell," he smirked.

"Where did you buy it at? I want one," I said, because I absolutely needed one in my living room.

"I dunno, it came with the flat. If I ever move, I'm stealing it though," he stated and I nodded my head in agreement.

"If I don't steal it from you first," I threatened, to which he didn't respond.

"Well, what do you wanna do? We have an entire weekend ahead of us," Harry smiled down at me and I looked around the room, contemplating.

"Tomorrow can be a lazy day, and then Sunday, can we like wear disguises and go do normal stuff?" I requested, angling my head upwards so I could look at him. I didn't get to see very much, just his jaw really. Oh well, he has a nice jaw.

"Sounds good to me," he whispered in my ear, leaning down to kiss my cheek. He planted a few more kisses down my face, finally landing his lips where I want them to be most.

It was a sweet kiss, well at first, but it soon progressed to the needy type of kiss that people have when you haven't even so much as said a word to each other in three fucking months.

He lifted me up and put me on his lap, with difficulty since I had a floor length dress on and I couldn't do much in it.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him in closer, playing with his gelled curls which have come to life since he put that beanie on. I ruffled through my hands through them, making them messier and more Harry like. I smiled into the kiss and he returned it, running his hands up and down my waist.

My entire body felt on fire and I never wanted this to stop. Instead, I wanted more.

My lips left his and I began trailing kisses down his jaw and to his neck, and I began sucking to leave a mark.

I sucked until I began to see a purplish red mark, smirking at it and giving it one last soft kiss.

"Good luck explaining that to the entire school," I whispered, kissing his mouth again and he chuckled, kissing me back with urgency. I've missed this. I've missed him.

Soon, the only sounds in the room were our heavy breaths and our kisses.

Then he pulled away and looked into my eyes, just smiling at me. I smiled back at him, kind of confused as to why he stopped kissing me just to sit there and stare instead.

"You're beautiful," he whispered, leaning back in to kiss me and I grinned, kissing him back with so much force that I thought both of our lips would fall off.

It was in that moment, that I decided that I loved him. I've only known him since September, and we've spent more time apart then we did together, but I loved him. I loved the way his eyebrows furrowed either when he was confused or concerned, or the way his smile lit up an entire room. I loved the way he could banter right back with me, and he understood my humor. I loved how he immediately accepted the fact that my best friend is gay, when so many others wouldn't. I love how he compliments me even when we're kissing, and how he goes out of his way to do sweet things for me. I love how even when we haven't talked in three months, he still got me a necklace. I love how we are so comfortable with each other even though it's been so long since we've last talked. I love the fact that he's waited 3 months and another 3 more just to be with me, I love him, and as crazy as it sounds, it's true. And I've never been so sure about anything in my life.

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