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The sunlight streamed through my eyes, and I groaned at the fact that I forgot to close the curtains. It’s summer, and I can’t even sleep in.

I peaked one eye open, and was met with Harry’s wonderful sleeping face. I smiled to myself, pushing his somewhat sweaty curls off of his forehead. I then realized he was covered with my poofy blanket, which I had managed to somehow kick off of myself and onto him in the middle of the night. I peeled it away from his body before unwrapping myself from his arm, standing up on my bed so I could reach the fan that hung from the ceiling. I pulled the string a couple of times so that it would be on the highest setting before laying myself back down on the bed and resting my head on Harry’s chest. 

His instincts kicked in even when he was sleeping, as he wrapped his arm around me and pulled me closer. I grinned, not minding at all.

I looked over to my alarm clock, seeing that it was already 11 in the morning. It seemed as though it were earlier. 

I had a long day yesterday, and Harry and I finished it off watching disney movies. I’m surprised he let me, Scottie never does. We finished Cinderella, and then I let him watch the Lion King since it was ‘manlier’, and then we finished off the night with Sleeping Beauty. 

I really did love him so much, and I’m so happy he loves me too. We’re fucking official, and you have absolutely no idea how good it feels to be able to say I have a boyfriend. Especially one named Harry Styles. How did I get so lucky? I honestly don’t understand. There are tons of students to choose from in my school, so I don’t understand why he’d pick me?

The thoughts of that brunette girl at the beach as well as Whitney entered my mind and I didn’t know whether or not I should bring them up. On one hand, the curiosity about it is going to eat me alive, however it’s literally been a day since we started dating, and we were on a break for the last 6 months so it’d be stupid for me to ask him who that girl was and whether or not he still talks to Whitney. Plus I trust him. But it’ll bother me for the rest of my life if I don’t ask him. 

At that particular moment, Harry’s eyes fluttered open, startling me and causing me to jump a little. He smirked as I let out an embarrassed chuckle. 

“Good morning,” he stated in his raspy morning voice. I loved it a lot. It was like he lost his voice a little, and it sounds incredibly sexy.

“Good morning, boyfriend,” I smirked at him, and he pulled me in closer, if that was even possible.

I bit my lip, wanting to say something to him, but the only thing I could think to say was about that damn brunette and Whitney.

“What’s up?” He asked me, furrowing his eyebrows, which I just wanted to kiss off of his face.

I bit my lip a bit harder, not knowing how to reply to that. 

“If I ask you a kind of ridiculous question, do you promise not to get mad at me and stuff?” I asked hesitantly. I’d have to ask him now, there’s no going back.

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