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The first thing I heard was birds chirping. I didn't think anything of it, since that's what I usually woke up too everyday. But then I began to gain consciousness and I could feel something heavy on me. I wasn't ready to open my eyes quite yet, as I was still tired, so I didn't. I laid there in confusion, wondering what in the world could be on top of me.

Then my ears heard a different sound that was definitely not birds chirping, but more like someone breathing. In my ear, to be exact. My eyes then decided it was time to flutter open, and they were greeted with a blue television screen and a table. I was a bit confused at first, expecting to wake up in my bed, but as I looked around, my mind began to clear and memories from last night came flooding in.

I grinned, tilting my head a little bit backwards, well as backwards as I could in this position, and I saw a few chocolate brown curls. I smiled and then looked down at myself, noticing his arm laying across my body.

Last night actually happened. I'm with Harry in his apartment for the entire weekend and he told me he loved me and it wasn't a dream. Unless I was still dreaming right now. I pinched myself, just to be sure, and learned that it in fact, wasn't a dream.

I turned my body in Harry's arms so that I was facing him now. I could now feel his small breaths on my nose, and I grinned looking at his relaxed face. His forehead was wrinkle free, and his eyebrows weren't furrowed. His mouth was hung open with little breaths spilling out, and I had to refrain myself from kissing him. I looked at his eyelashes, which were leaning against his cheeks, and I never realized how long they actually were. I don't know how long I sat there staring at him, but I knew that I could probably do it forever.

"I know you're staring at me," Harry had mumbled in his cute little morning voice. I jumped in shock, not knowing that he was awake.

"How?" I asked him, because he hasn't opened his eyes once since I started staring at him, so how could he possibly have any idea that that was what I was doing.

His eyes slowly opened and I watched him blink, as if he were clearing the fogginess out of them.

"I can feel it," he smiled softly and he wrapped his arms tighter around me and pulled me closer into him. I savored the feeling of his strong arms gripping onto me, not knowing how long it'll be until I can feel it again. Well, it'd probably be 3 months but you get what I mean.

"Yeah?" I asked him, not really knowing what else to say to that. I felt weird that I was caught watching him sleep.

"Mhm," he confirmed, closing his eyes again, "I don't appreciate it. Reminds me of Edward from Twilight. Creep."

I rolled my eyes, "Except it's okay if Edward does it because he's hot and I would totally let him watch me sleep any day."

His eyes shot open, "You're saying you'd be perfectly okay with a guy you barely know climbing into your room through your window and watching you sleep?"

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