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Before I could even think about what I was doing, I was out of the booth and my feet were running out the door.

I ran out to the road, seeing the accident right in front of me. Please, God, please make this someone else other than Harry. Please can somebody else just coincidentally have a Range Rover in Holmes Chapel.

I dug my phone out of my pocket, and my heart felt like it was being stabbed when I read the missed call that I had. Harry. He tried to call me.

I ignored it for now, needing to do something more important. I dialed 999, putting the phone up to my ear. When they answered, I was speaking, even though I had no idea what I was saying.

Before I could register what they replied with, I hung up, wanting to run over to the car but scared as to what I would see.

I was standing there in shock, staring at the two cars. The other was a small silver car, which was bittersweet. On one hand, the car was smaller than Harry's Range Rover so that means that he's most likely okay. But then it hurt because the silver car in front of me was so mangled and dented, you couldn't even tell what make it was. My heart ached for the driver of that car, praying that he was okay as well.

But mostly I was praying that Harry was okay, or that he wasn't in that car. It's not him, Miranda, he's at his apartment right now, safe.

I didn't realize I was crying, until I felt a tear drop fall from my cheek and onto the top of my hand. I was frozen right now. I couldn't walk any closer to the cars than I was already, and I couldn't move away either. I heard sirens in the distance, and willed them to hurry up.

It's not Harry, it's not Harry, it's not Harry.

I felt an arm wrap around my shoulder, and even without looking, I knew it was Scottie. I didn't acknowledge him, I couldn't. I was too in shock at the scene in front of me.

I saw an ambulance pull up, as well as multiple police cars.

I closed my eyes, willing this all to be a dream. Please be a dream.

It's not Harry, it's not Harry, it's not Harry.

I opened my eyes once again to realize that it was not a dream. It was real, and that was Harry's fucking car, and he's most likely in there.

If he was alright, he would be trying to crawl out of the car, right? If he wasn't injured, he'd be standing here right in front of me. He wouldn't be somewhere in that car tipped sideways.

Scottie was saying something to me but I couldn't register it. I couldn't do anything but stand there, staring at that car, and praying that the person inside the vehicle was alright. I don't give a shit if he lied to me, or if he doesn't want me, I just want him to be okay.

Guys rushed out of the ambulance, going toward the silver car first. As much as I hope the person driving that car was alright, I wanted them to tend to the Range Rover first. But I knew that was selfish, and the silver car was in way worse condition than the other.

Another ambulance pulled up, and these guys jumped out to go to the Range Rover. I sighed in relief that they weren't leaving him in there any longer than needed, but then the police were walking over to me, telling Scottie and I to back up. Scottie tried pulling me back, but I planted my feet to the ground, not willing to leave this spot.

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