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Hunter had his arm around Cassidy, and Chelsea was next to Scottie, laughing with him and Mikey as if they’re best friends. 

He was the only one I had left. What did I do to deserve this? What did I do to have every single person in my life turn their back against me? I got up off of Harry’s lap, before walking to the bathroom as fast as I could without looking suspicious. I couldn’t let any of them see me, especially with Harry.

I thought Scottie was my friend? Best one, at that. He helped me with everything, so why is he ignoring everything that happened and going bowling with them? As if they didn’t try to ruin my life? I don’t understand why he’d even want to associate himself with them? 

I looked at myself in the mirror, fixing the hat that had gotten a bit crooked on my head. I pulled it down a little more, so it’d cover my eyes. The sunglasses were discarded halfway through the first game, so I didn’t have those on me. They were laying on the table right now.

The door opened, and I looked up, expecting the worst. I assumed it’d be Chelsea or Cassidy coming in, as  that’s how my luck has been for the past year, but when Perrie walked in I was genuinely surprised.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” She asked me gently, shutting the door behind her. I sighed, looking back at myself in the mirror.

“Long story short, I’m Harry’s fucking student and he’s my teacher, and those people that just walked in and are bowling next to us are his other students who have already tried getting us busted once. They can’t see us together, otherwise Harry could lose his job,” I explained, my voice cracking at the end a little bit. I cleared my throat, embarrassed at the sound I just made when I said the last sentence.

“Shit,” was her answer, as she looked around the bathroom, probably for an escape route. There wasn’t one.

“I already checked,” I told her, referring to her looking for a window, “The only way out is the front door. I’m scared to walk back out there though, they absolutely can have no idea I’m here. And oh my gosh, Scottie can’t see you either! If he does, he’ll make a huge deal out of it and all of the attention will be drawn to us. He’s practically in love with you. Not as much as I am, but I mean, that’s not the point. Wait, please tell me I didn’t just say that?” I covered my mouth, I really need to learn to filter myself in front of her.

She just laughed, “It’s fine. But wait, maybe that can work to our advantage?”

I looked at her, confused. “How? It’ll just put all of their attention on us and then they’ll see Harry and I?” 

“No, here. I can go out there, and have Harry meet you over here or something. Then I can make them aware that I’m here, and if that guy that you’re talking about notices me, he’ll be sure to say something, right? So then they’ll all be paying attention to me and the boys, but Harry and you will be over here. So while I’m talking to them, you guys can sneak out to Harry’s car? And we’ll meet you afterwards?” She explained to me and my eyes widened. That was actually really perfect.

“Yes! That’s great, thank you so much, Perrie, wow. Yeah, go get Harry. Make sure they don’t notice him, though, okay? If they do, that could ruin everything,” I told her and she smiled at me.

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