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It's been three weeks since that day in the bathroom. Three weeks of being Hunter's girlfriend, and three weeks of Harry not even so much as glancing at me.

I wanted to tell him so bad about what's going on, that I didn't want to just throw him to the side, that I'm doing all of this for him, but in order for the plan to work, I couldn't.

And this last week has been the worst. I finally know why Cassidy helped Hunter with the blackmailing. Im fairly certain she's trying to steal Harry from me, as she has been staying after school every single day to get help with Calculus, but I know she has other things on her mind than math. Plus, she doesn't even need the help. I sit next to her in that class, I see her test grades.

And I swear, I've seen him staring at her more than a teacher should, but I could've been imagining things. I still wanted to rip her hair out though.

I don't think Hunter has suspected that I told Scottie anything. Scottie's a phenomenal actor, I tell ya. Me? Not so much.

I'm sure I looked completely miserable being his girlfriend for the past few weeks, I'm surprised he hasn't given the principal the proof already. Honestly, I don't even smile when I'm around him. I try to, but it usually comes out as a grimace.

He's been coming over to my house everyday as well, or I'd go to his. He didn't trust me enough to be on my own after school, as he was afraid I'd run and tell somebody.

We went to Chessington that first week, as well, and guess who I saw there. Louis. He said hi to me and gave me a hug, and Hunter introduced himself as my boyfriend. Louis obviously wasn't expecting that, and he looked at me as if he didn't know who I was, before walking away without saying goodbye. If only he knew the reason I was doing this.

Scottie came up with a plan to fix all of this though, it's just going to take some time. I'm terrified it's not going to work, but I can't keep living my life like this, so it's worth a try.

Scottie usually keeps his hair straightened and quiffed, but what not many people know is that he has naturally curly hair. Hair that's actually very similar to Harry's hair. He's grown it out quite a bit, since it was originally shorter than Harry's. But now that it's fully grown, it's almost an exact replica of Harry's. The only problem is, Scottie's hair is a few shades lighter than Harry's. I don't think it's that noticeable, especially in the school camera, however I think it might be noticeable in the pictures Cassidy took of Harry and I at his flat, especially since we were outside in the sun. So Scottie offered to dye it. I told him countless of times that he didn't have to, and I meant it. I felt bad dragging him into all of this. But he insisted, and right now we're waiting at the salon.

Hunter's here, of course, however I don't think he thinks anything of it. I don't think he's thought anything of Scottie growing his hair out either, or scrunching it into curls everyday. Or, at least I hoped he didn't.

I couldn't tell Harry in fear of him ruining it by saying something to Hunter, or sacrificing his job or something. So I've kept it from him. I haven't said one word to him since three weeks ago, and I missed him like crazy. But Scottie's hair is getting there, and then we can put our plan into action.

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