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I decided that it was time to tell Harry everything that has been going on. I know he probably wouldn't answer my calls, and I didn't think this was something he should learn from a text message, so I was going to go to his house to tell him everything in person. I was slightly nervous, to be honest. I haven't spoken to him in three weeks, and I didn't know how he'd feel about me just showing up on his doorstep after everything.

But I had to tell him. I wanted to explain to him what's happening before tomorrow, in case the principal calls him in for questioning, I don't want him to end up confessing and ruining everything.

Scottie left about half an hour ago. It's 7:30 and my parents were due in about an hour, so I had to do this fast. I couldn't spend all night there, otherwise my parents will probably get mad. Probably? Haha, they'd be pissed.

I touched up my makeup, as I didn't want to look an absolute mess when I spoke to Harry for the first time in 3 weeks. My heart was beating really fast already, and I didn't even leave my house yet.

I ran my fingers through my hair before walking down the stairs and into my car. I definitely had to be back before my parents, otherwise they'd realize that the Hummer was indeed running and I didn't need the Range Rover.

I pulled out of my driveway and drove toward Harry's house, slightly over the speed limit. Even though I'd rather take my time, I couldn't risk my parents making it home before me.

I hoped to God that I could remember the directions to Harry's house, and when I saw the familiar park that we passed the first time driving there, I knew I was in the right direction. Soon enough, I was pulling into the small apartment complex, and I parked in the same spot as last time. I rubbed my sweaty palms on my jeans, slightly terrified to get out of my car.

I did it anyways, locking my doors before walking to the apartment door. I opened it and immediately walked up the stairs that will lead me to his door. I felt like I couldn't breathe now. Will he be happy to see me? Will he be angry? Or sad? Will he close the door in my face? I took a deep breath before lifting my knuckles up to the door, but I couldn't bring myself to actually knock. I dropped my hand back down to my side before I began to pace the hallway. You can do this, Miranda, this is Harry. I know he may be pissed at you, but you just have to explain what's been going on and then everything will be fine. After tomorrow, this will all be over.

I stopped pacing and stood in front of his door again, bringing my knuckles back up to knock.

They were centimeters away from the door, but before they could even make contact, it opened.

I looked up to see Harry, his hands around a girl's waist and her hands gripping onto his shoulders. I then looked to see who those hands and waist belonged to, and that's when I saw her. Cassidy. My heart dropped to my stomach, and now I really couldn't breathe. While I'm being miserable and 'dating' Hunter to save his job, he's moved on to another student.

I was frozen. I stood there staring at them, my mouth agape, not being able to move away from this one spot. Of fucking course. He was using me this entire time. All he wanted was someone to keep him busy, and when I couldn't do that anymore, he just picked another student to do the job. And the fact that he chose Cassidy made it a whole lot worse.

"Miranda?" I heard him say, but I still couldn't move. He didn't call me Randi. That's what made this all the more real, the fact that he didn't use his nickname for me. He called me Miranda. I could barely see him pushing Cassidy off of him, eyes wide before he walked over to me. I shook my head and swallowed my tears, before turning around and running down the stairs. He couldn't see me cry, not over him. I vaguely heard him shout my name again, but I ignored it, exiting the apartment building and running to my car. I swear I heard his footsteps behind me, but I couldn't be too sure. It might have just been my heartbeat.

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