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Shoooort update, hope you like it. The drama is just beginning ;) What are your theories? x


I got to school on time, and the entire day flew by, and not one person commented on my clothing. Apart from Scottie, who knew my wardrobe like the back of his hand and immediately realized the similarities between Harry's everyday clothes and my temporary clothes. I knew I had to go home after school, and honestly? I was dreading it. I was scared that for some reason, my mom hasn't left yet, even though I'm sure she has. I mean, she has to return to her job at some point. She's not going to miss it just for me.

I was currently at my locker after yearbook, my last hour of the day. I opened it and a piece of paper flew out and landed by my feet.

I furrowed my eyebrows at it, bending down to pick it up. It was folded so I unfolded it and my eyes skimmed the writing.

"I know your secret" was written in blue pen. I looked around the hallway, to see if anybody looked suspicious or like they just put this in my locker and are now waiting for my reaction, but I didn't notice anybody even glancing in my direction.

I looked around my locker for maybe a hint as to who left it, but it looked exactly the same as I left it. Well, of course it would, it's not like they broke into my locker, they just slipped it through the slits in it.

What secret would they be talking about? Harry? I mean, that's the only secret that I have. But nobody could possibly know about that, I mean we haven't exactly been that careful, but we haven't been reckless either? Have we?

The only time they could have seen us was at my party, but that was weeks ago, wouldn't they have said something then? Why wait until now?

I walked to my car and noticed a note under the windshield wiper. At first I thought it was a parking ticket, but on further inspection it was another note. What the fuck is this, a scavenger hunt?

This one read, "How would the principal feel if he had proof that Mr. Styles was messing around with a student?"

My eyes widened and I felt like I couldn't breathe. They did know. How could they know? Are they going to tell the principal? They can't tell him, Harry could lose his job. All because of me. I can't let him do that for me. Who would write this note? Cassidy? I mean, she was the one who told the principal in the first place. I rolled my eyes, annoyed, shoving the papers in my back pocket and walking back into the school.

She always stays an extra half hour in the library to do her homework because she has to wait for her little brother to get out of school at 3:30 anyways. I determinedly walked to the library and practically slammed the door open.

I looked around and saw her sitting there innocently, with a book open as she wrote stuff down in a notebook.

I grabbed the book and closed it before slamming it back down on the table in front of her. Oh, I know it was her. She can wipe that damn innocent look off of her face.

She looked up at me with wide eyes before saying, "Miranda?" Oh she's good.

"Don't act all innocent, I know you went to the principal about Mr. Styles and our "relationship"," I practically spat at her, putting air quotations around relationship for evidence.

"We're not even in a relationship, all Scottie and I have done was talk about him during lunch and you had to run and tell on us. And now you're leaving me notes? What kind of person are you?" I wasn't done yet, but she interrupted me.

"Miranda, what are you talking about? I haven't told the principal anything!" She yelled. It was then, that I realized that we were in the library, where we were supposed to be whispering. Luckily, the librarian was in the back room doing who knows what.

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