Chapter 42

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I'm pretty sure I wasn't breathing. Harry's finger tried to discreetly curl around mine, which was resting on my knee. He's a dumbass for doing this right here, where Chelsea, Hunter, or Cassidy could see, but I know he was only trying to comfort me. I let him do it for a second before pulling away, not wanting to risk anything. Only a desk separated Harry and I from the principal.

"Hunter, Cassidy, you will both be expelled for the rest of the school year for stealing a teacher's phone as well as quitting his job as a prank. You also publicly displayed these private photos of Scott and Miranda, which also played a part in your expulsion. You may come back next year, and restart your senior year. Chelsea, you will serve two weeks of detention for lying in order to help them. Miranda and Scott, I apologize for the school seeing those pictures, and all of the questioning. Same goes for you Mr. Styles, I'm sorry these students stole your phone and caused all of this trouble for you. You're a great teacher, and it's a pity that they would go so low in order to entertain themselves. You may go back to class, Miss Groves and Mr. Gilbert, and you may return to teaching beginning tomorrow, Mr. Styles. Hunter and Cassidy, you are excused, and you may go empty your lockers. You have until tomorrow to get everything out, as well as get off of our property. I will see you next year, and I will see you in detention starting today, Chelsea. I will be taking over detention, so Mr. Styles doesn't have to associate with someone who had tried to jeopardize his job," I mentally pictured him slapping a hammer onto his desk, like those judges do.

I sighed in relief. It worked. The plan fucking worked, and Hunter and Cassidy are expelled and it's all over.

Cassidy was now crying, but I didn't feel the least bit sorry for her. I'm sure she's fake crying anyways, knowing how good of an actress she is.

Hunter was rubbing his forehead with his hands. This probably ruins his basketball scholarship, I assume? Chelsea crossed her arms and glared at me, and I just smiled at Principal Lynch.

"Thank you so much, sir. I'm sorry all of this had to happen, I don't know why people would make up such ridiculous lies," I told him. I hoped that didn't sound to suspicious, but it didn't matter anyways. We were in the clear. Everything worked out. I wanted to cry from happiness right now. And I also wanted to snog Harry's face off, but figured that should probably wait.

Scottie and I both got out of our seats, walking past Hunter, Chelsea, and Cassidy who were still sitting down, and out the door. I was so relieved to be in the hallway, where Scottie cheered and pulled me into a hug, lifting me off of the ground.

"We did it!" I whispered into his ear, not able to keep the massive grin off of my face. I can finally stop worrying, because it's all over.

"I knew we could," he exclaimed, spinning me around now. I laughed, clinging onto him for dear life.

The office door closed and there stood Harry now.

He grinned at me and wiggled his eyebrows, I smiled back. I wanted to hug him, but I was not risking that at school again, especially right outside the office door.

Instead, I offered him a high five, because teacher's and students can do that, right? He laughed, but obliged anyways, then offered his hand to Scottie for another high five.

"Thank you, Scottie, for all of your help," I heard him say to him and I smiled.

"Anything for you two, Stoves," he was the one wiggling his eyebrows now. Harry looked confused.

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