Here's a somewhat happy chapter for you all without a cliffhanger so yay. Hope you like itttt :)


Harry was discharged from the hospital later that night, and we left, hand in hand. Mikey and Ana came in my Hummer about an hour and a half ago, and since Harry’s car was kind of wrecked, I’d be driving him to his house.

The other guy involved in the crash is in critical condition, and they’re not sure if he’s going to make it or not yet. I prayed that he would, because even though I wasn’t the one behind the wheel, I felt absolutely terrible for the other family who was waiting for the verdict on his life. It also killed me to see how much it was affecting Harry. You could tell he felt horribly guilty, but can you blame him? He may be the reason another man might die. We tried to ignore it though, until we knew 100% that the guy wouldn’t make it. There’s no use worrying about something that may not even need worrying about.

His hand hasn’t left mine very much since we began holding them when I first arrived, and I wasn’t complaining. I enjoyed it quite a bit, actually. 

He sat in the front seat as I drove Mikey and Ana home, dropping them off with a friendly goodbye before we made our way to Scottie’s house to drop him off as well. He left the car with a dramatic farewell, and a quick “be safe, lovebirds!” comment, which I think he meant in more ways than one.

I laughed, pulling out of his driveway to take Harry to his apartment, but he leaned over and turned my blinker off, and then turning it on to the opposite way.

“What are you doing?” I asked curiously, because I’d have to go left out of Scottie’s house in order to get to Harry’s, but he changed it so that we were going right. 

“Can we just go to your house?” He asked in a quiet voice, and a small smile gracing his beautiful, plump lips.

I nodded, returning a smile, before turning right to take us to my house. I have no idea why he’d wanna go to my house instead of his, but I didn’t mind.

Unless he’s hiding something. Nope, we’re not starting this, Miranda. He’s your boyfriend now, and you trust him. He’s not hiding anything. Like a girlfriend named Whitney, or the other brunette. Nope.

I bit my lip, trying to contain my insecurities so I didn’t ruin the small relationship that we just started. I’m acting like we’ve been dating this entire time, and we haven’t been. We were on a break (kind of), so whether he used that break to date other girls or not doesn’t concern me.

“Today didn’t turn out how I expected it to,” Harry chuckled from beside me and I laughed along.

“I know, your car crash was the biggest plot twist ever, I think,” I said, pulling into my driveway.

“I was just trying to find you,” he shrugged, and my eyes widened. That information was new.

“Find me? Why would that cause you to crash your car?” I asked him, alarmed. There is no way I was responsible for that accident.

“I was calling Scottie to find out where you were when it happened. My phone fell and I was leaning down to grab it and when I looked up I didn’t realize I was in the right lane until it was too late. And I crashed into another car,” he stated, sounding quite sad.

I digested this new information, feeling a million times guiltier than I did before. If I had just stayed at the graduation and waited for Harry to show up, rather than jumping to conclusions and running off, I could’ve prevented this entire thing. That guy’s life wouldn’t have been threatened, he wouldn’t be in the hospital in critical condition right now, Harry wouldn’t have been in the hospital for his minor injuries, and both of their cars would have been perfectly fine.

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