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The day passed by really slowly, probably because I was a nervous wreck.

Every single time somebody talked on the intercom, or the teacher’s phone rang, I jumped, thinking that it was the principal calling me back down to his office.

The only thing I could hope for, was that Cassidy and Hunter didn’t prepare for any of this, and that they have different stories. Scottie, Harry, and I all had the same story, so hopefully that will make us seem like we’re telling the truth and Cassidy and Hunter are lying.

Scottie and I were sitting at our lunch table by ourselves. Chelsea was nowhere to be seen, and Cassidy and Hunter were sitting on the opposite side of the room.

“Cassidy Meyers, Hunter White, Scott Gilbert, and Miranda Groves, may I please see you all in the principal’s office?” The intercom spoke out loud to the entire lunch room. I shrunk back from all of the stares, before looking at Scottie. 

“You ready?” I asked him, and he nodded, getting up and linking his arm through mine, leading me to the office. 

I saw Hunter and Cassidy get up from their table in the corner of my eye, and I subconsciously walked faster so I could be further away from them.

“I’m so nervous,” I said out loud, as we got closer to the room.

“Everything will be fine,” Scottie said, but he didn’t sound all that convinced. I took a deep breath before opening the door to the office, seeing the same old bitchy lady as before. This time, I didn’t ask for directions though, I just walked past her and into the principal’s office. I knocked again, though. I didn’t want to be rude, especially now when my future was on the line.

The realness of this situation was setting in. I could get expelled. Harry could get fired. He could probably even get arrested. I’m a minor and he’s 6 years older than me. If everything goes wrong, I could lose Harry. I can’t lose him, not again.

When I walked in, I noticed Harry sitting in one of the seats, as well as Chelsea. What is she doing here?

I also noticed that there were 3 more chairs moved in front of his desk. Harry was all the way at the right end, and at this rate, I would be sitting next to him. Is that such a good idea? I tried pushing Scottie in front of me, so he would be the one sitting next to him, but he looked at me confusedly and didn’t budge. I inwardly groaned, sitting next to Harry as if it didn’t bother me. Maybe this will show the principal that nothing is indeed going on, when I sit next to Harry indifferently.

As I sat down, his boot kicked my foot, and I kicked his back. Our silent hello, apparently.

Scottie sat next to me, Hunter next to him, and Cassidy next to him, and Chelsea was on the far left side next to Cassidy. I don’t understand what she has to do with anything? Why is she here?

“Hello,” the principal greeted all of us, and I was the only one who replied, “Hi.” I looked around at everyone, wondering why nobody was at least being polite. I shrugged it off, before clasping my hands together in my lap.

“I’ve questioned each of you separately, in hopes of getting to the bottom of this. So far, there are two different stories. Three of you state that you’re innocent, and that the other three have been harassing and stealing things, as well as prank calling me last night. You guys say that it is not Mr. Styles and Miss Groves in that picture, but it is Mr. Gilbert and Miss Groves. The other three beg to differ.” He started off. Other three? Chelsea’s going against us? “They say that they have seen you Mr. Styles, and you Miss Groves, frolicking around outside of school, and that they’re positive it’s you and not Mr. Gilbert. Each story matches the situation, and you each have a fair amount of proof that the other side is lying. However, one side definitely overpowers the other.” 

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