Chapter 7

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Although I didn't remember setting my alarm on my phone, it went off at 6:30 AM, waking both Scottie and I. He groaned, picking up my pillow and covering his face and ears with it, in hopes of blocking out the noise of the alarm clock.

"Shut it the fuck off, Miranda, I don't need 45 minutes to get ready like you, let me sleep some more," he mumbled from underneath the pillow. I quickly shut the alarm clock off so Scottie could sleep just a little more. He only needs about 15 minutes to get ready so he has a half an hour left to sleep some more.

I scrambled out of bed and went into my closet, grabbing an oversized sweater with a black tank top and light colored jeans. The sweater opened up in the front to show my tank top, and then I tucked my skinny jeans into my grey knit ugg boots.

I was gonna wear a beanie, but once I looked in the mirror I opted against it. My hair looked really good, actually. It was naturally curled but it looked like I curled it with a curling iron.

I hairsprayed it so the curls wouldn't fall out and I flipped my head over, shaking it around before flipping it back, to create more volume. I hairsprayed it some more. I grabbed my makeup case and opened it up, looking through my makeup. I just put on some light colored eye shadow with a little bit of brown blended at the outer corner of my eye. I lined my lid with brown eyeliner and put white eyeliner on my waterline, to make my eyes appear bigger. I put on a few coats of mascara after that, to make them as long as they could possibly be. My dad blessed me with long eyelashes and for that, I will be forever grateful.

I put on some deep red lipstick and that was it for my makeup.

I was ready and it was only 6:50. I went into my room and sat on my bed and started playing with my phone. I didn't have very many notifications, just one from my mom asking how things were and I replied with 'Good. Xx'. I opened up the Flappy Bird app and started playing that God awful game.

My high score was only 13 and Scottie makes fun of me everyday because of it. His is somewhere in the 70's and how he got that far, I'll never know.

After dying multiple times, I realized it was 6:57 and I decided it was time to wake Scottie up. I shook his shoulder and said, "Hey it's 7, get up."

All you could hear was his groans before he suddenly threw the blanket off and stomped out of my bed and into the bathroom, grabbing his bag on the way.

He came out dressed in a sweater that was kind of similar to mine and nice, dark jeans.

When I quirked an eyebrow at him, he said, "What? It was the only thing I packed, I didn't know you were gonna wear that today."

I didn't care if we matched, to be honest, and anyone who does can go suck it.

"Alright, let's go," I said, grabbing my car keys and phone and taking off downstairs and out the door. I didn't know if Scottie was following me or not, but I hoped he was.

I got into my car and he did as well, getting into the front seat and throwing his bag into the back.

"Did you want me to drive you to school, or did you want to stop and get your car?" I asked him.

"You can just drive me to school, I don't feel like getting into my cold car after yours finally got warm," he replied, and I nodded understandingly.

We drove the 10 minute drive to school and I was actually on time today, so I had a chance to go to my locker before class.

I got my notebook and pen and shut my locker before walking to Mr. Style's classroom. Joy.

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