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I smiled to myself as I drove Harry to his house in my dad’s Range Rover. Being the dumbass that he is, he ran to my house last night and therefore, he didn’t have his car. 

He would be going to the school today to try and hopefully get his job back.

We had a plan. A brilliant one, at that.

First, he would acquire the security footage that is inside his apartment building. He will tell the landlord that somebody stole his mail, and that he needs to figure out who. Hopefully the landlord leaves him to it, so he can steal and edit it. He will then drive to the school and talk to the principal. He doesn’t have to worry about going to first hour as he quit last night so there should be a sub. He will then proceed to tell the principal about Hunter’s and Cassidy’s harassment.

He’s going to say Cassidy came over and was acting inappropriate toward him, and that he made her leave. But then he realized that she stole his phone, so then he went running after her to get it back. Apparently Louis is some wiz at video and photo editing, so he called him over and hopefully he’ll be waiting for him at his apartment when we get there. He’s going to try and edit me running off to look like it was Cassidy who was running out, and that Harry is chasing her. How he’s going to do that? I have no idea. But here’s hoping that it works.

Then he’s going to say that she took it to Hunter’s house, where he would call the principal and pretend to be Harry, and quit. 

I’ve called Scottie, and he’s agreed to lie and say that he was over at Hunter’s last night when the phone call happened, and that he tried to get the phone to give back to Harry, but the damage had already been done. He still took the phone to give back to Harry the next day, which is how Harry found out they had quit for him.

Then he’s going to tell the principal about Cassidy acting inappropriate to him during class, and that he wishes for her to be switched out, as it makes him feel uncomfortable.

I’m going to break up with Hunter this morning after 2nd hour, just to make sure Harry has enough time to tell the principal all of this. I’m assuming that when I do break up with Hunter, he’s going to go straight to the principal. Well, if the principal doesn’t call him down first, that is. He will bring up the fact that Harry and I are dating, followed by the proof. Which means I will probably be called down as well.

I will then explain my side of the story, I have only ever seen Harry a few times in detention, and that he’s helped me with Calculus as I’m failing, but that’s it. I’ve never come into contact with him outside of school before. I will then go to explain that the person in the pictures that I’m kissing is Scottie. I’m pretty sure that the principal will then call Scottie in for questioning, which he will verify that that is me and him kissing in the picture, as well as hanging out in all of the other pictures, and that it is not, indeed Harry Styles. 

Now, whether the principal will believe all of this or not, is questionable. I don’t know if it seems legit, or like a complete made up story. I’m hoping that it doesn’t sound too farfetched, and hopefully, Hunter and Cassidy will get what they deserve. Preferably expulsion, but that’s probably not going to happen. The worst they’ll get will probably be suspension. But, that’s better than nothing.

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