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He guided me to the glider we had sitting underneath this huge tree and he sat down, pulling me down to sit next to him. Very close to him, actually. Like our legs were touching and everything.

"So, are you just gonna hide from 'Whitney all night, then?" I asked him, turning my head to look at him. My eyes met his and I was once again shocked at all of the beautiful colors floating in them.

"I mean, until she gets the hint, yeah," he said, shrugging before smiling one of his cute dimpled smiles.


"And if she doesn't?" I raised my eyebrows at him, imagining Whitney to be one of those clingy girls that won't stop trying until she gets what she wants. In this case, Mr. Styles.

"We'll cross that bridge when it comes," he replied, gazing around my massive yard. It was the ideal yard for not only a child, but a teenager as well. There was this giant jungle gym that I barely played on as a kid, as I was always by myself and what fun are they when you have no one to play on them with? To the right there was a pond, complete with an 'island' in the middle that had a bunch of chairs where we could tan. We didn't get much use out of that, as England's weather was 96% crappy. There was also this shed and we had a movie projector, where we could project the movies onto the shed. Then there was the glider we were sitting on, and a tree next to it. Hooked onto the tree is a tire swing. The one thing I actually did use in this house when I was little.

Since I had nobody to actually push me, Julie was always 'too busy', I had to use my legs to push myself. I couldn't get very high that way, as my feet barely touched the ground at the time and I remember wishing for someone, anyone, to come push me.

My face lit up as an idea popped into my head and I jumped up and ran to the tire swing, plopping myself down so my butt went into the hole and my legs were above the tire, hanging over the edge.

"Come push me, Mr. Styles," I said in a sing song voice with a grin on my face. He slowly walked over to me and grabbed the chain that was holding the tire swing up, before pulling it back and pushing me forward.

I squealed at the speed of the swing, it surprisingly went very high and fast.

I laughed as he kept pushing and I kept going higher and faster, sad that I had to miss out on this as a child. If only Julie wasn't such a lazy ass.

I couldn't remember ever smiling like this unless I was with Scottie, he was the only one who could make me truly happy. Even Chelsea didn't make me smile that much, and when I did it was mainly forced. But here, right now, in this moment with Mr. Styles, I couldn't wipe that stupid grin off my face.

When I was swinging fairly high, Mr. Styles jumped onto the tire swing, sprawling himself across my body. I laughed even harder at that, attempting to push him off of me.

"Get- off - of - me," I said, adding big breaths in between each word for emphasis, "Can't - breathe."

I managed to push him off and he went flying, hitting the ground with a loud thud.

At this point, I actually couldn't breathe. Tears were falling from my eyes and I couldn't get myself to stop laughing. I felt giddy, like I was drunk, even though I'm not. I felt like one of those girls Scottie and I make fun of that act drunk, but the difference is I'm not acting. Guess I'm drunk off of Mr. Styles.

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