It hurt more than I cared to admit. He wasn’t here. He didn’t show up. Was he spending time with that fucking girl again? I suddenly wished that I didn’t come. I could have thought that I was the one breaking up with him and not the other way around. Breaking up? We’re not even together, Miranda, so nobody’s “breaking up” with anyone, he just doesn’t want to start a relationship with you at all. And fuck if that doesn’t hurt.

“He’s not here,” I stated in a monotone voice, too in shock to care about changing the tone of my voice. I had a lump in my throat and my eyes burned but I refused to cry. I’m not crying over someone who didn’t even have the decency to tell me that he didn’t want to pursue a relationship with me, instead he just let me find out through him not showing up. I mean sure, I was considering doing it to Harry, but I didn’t. And I feel like even if I did choose Cameron, I would have at least notified Harry sometime beforehand to let him know, and maybe discuss everything. I wouldn’t have just left him hanging. At least I don’t think I would have. But it doesn’t matter what I would’ve done, it’s about what I did do. And I showed up, while he didn’t.

“Maybe he’s just late,” Scottie shrugged, standing on his tippy toes to look around the crowd.

“Scottie, why on earth would he be late? If he was looking forward to this as much as he let on he was, then he would have been here early. It’s after 3, what could possibly make him over a half an hour late? He’s not coming,” I gritted my teeth, half pissed and half upset. Maybe this is fate. Maybe God is saving me from a relationship from hell. He can’t be that good of a guy if he’s willing to just leave me here after he’s told me he loved me multiple times, and he was literally counting down the days. 

It must be that girl he was with at the beach. It makes sense. I mean he lied to me about her when I asked what he was doing, and now he didn’t show up to my graduation. So he must like her more than he likes me. I bet she’s prettier, and skinnier, and older than I am. I bet she’s an actual woman, instead of a teenage girl. I can understand why Harry would want her more.

“Let’s just go,” I snapped, crossing my arms and walking ahead of Scottie, not really worried about whether or not he was following me. If he wanted to come with me, he could, and if he didn’t, well he didn’t have to.

“I say we find Mikey and Cameron, and go get some fucking pizza to celebrate graduating high school. Screw Harry Styles and his fucking curly hair, he’s not ruining today for us,” Scottie stated, wrapping his arm around my shoulder and guiding me back to the students area. 

I smiled a little at him, once again happy to know I have a best friend like him. 

“There he is!” Scottie pointed out and I jumped, thinking that he meant Harry, but I was slightly disappointed to see Mikey and Ana instead, talking to two middle aged people, one man and one woman, who I presume to be their parents. 

“Hey, can we steal them for the night, please?” Scottie asked the parents, gesturing to Ana and Mikey.

“Hey, Scottie,” they smiled at him, and I kind of awkwardly just stood there, staring off into space, thinking about how shitty my life is at the moment.

The small group got quiet, which is when I realized that they were all staring at me. I broke out of my gaze, looking at all of their expecting stares.

“Oh, sorry, what?” I asked, feeling stupid for not hearing what they said to me.

“I was just asking for your name, dear,” the mom smiled politely at me and something about her made me like her.

“Oh, I’m Miranda,” I smiled back at her, and I went to shake her hand but she pulled me into a hug. I grinned at the gesture, wishing my mom was as friendly as her. Oh, what I would give to have normal, loving parents.

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