Chapter 1:

The sunlight streamed through the curtains from my window, going straight into my eyes and waking me up from my sleep. It was my last day of summer. The last day of freedom. Being able to sleep in until whenever, or until the sun decides to wake me up, I guess. Not having to go to school. All of that changes tomorrow. I groan and sit up, stepping out of bed and going straight to the bathroom to relieve my full bladder.

After I've done my business I smile to myself, realizing that I have a full day of laziness ahead of me. I plan on watching movies and eating as much junk food as possible. Yup, sounds good to me. I drag myself to my kitchen, slowly recovering from the sun so rudely waking me up. As soon as I enter the kitchen, I rush to the fridge, starving. I glance at everything it has to offer, scrunching my eyebrows at everything in it. I was sick of it all. I decided to just make a fried egg sandwhich and call it a day.

I made it to the living room, sandwhich in hand, and plopped down on the couch. I then looked around for my phone. Please don't tell me I left it upstairs. After looking for a good 5 minutes and realizing it's nowhere in sight, I slowly got up and trudged up the stairs in search for my iPhone. I basically had to murder my bed, flipping the blankets in every direction trying to find the damn thing when finally it fell out and landed straight on my wood floors. I winced at the sound it made and sure enough, when I lifted it off the floor, the screen was shattered. Lovely.

I sighed and sat on my bed, taking a bite of the sandwhich and then unlocked by phone. I could still see the screen, which is good, but I still don't like having it shattered. I feel like everytime I touch it, I'm gonna cut myself. With that being said, I think I'm gonna have to cut my lazy day short and go out to buy a new phone.

After my phone was unlocked, I saw that I had 3 text messages. One was from my Mom asking me how I was doing and if I had enough money on my credit card to last me another month, which I replied to, saying I was good and continuing to tell her about my broken iPhone. She offered to add more money to the account so I can go out and buy another one, which I was very grateful for. I replied a quick thank you to her, and told her I loved her.

In case you were wondering, my parents are both doctors. I live in Holmes Chapel, a small town, while my mom and dad both live in London so they can work at the hospital there. It's busier and the pay is way better. I was originally supposed to go with them, but I didn't want to leave this small town behind for a bigger city. I have friends here, a life. I've lived in this house my entire life and I didn't want to change that. So my parents agreed that I could stay here by myself, as long as I follow the rules. Which were no parties, no boys, and I had to lock the doors. Well I followed one of the rules.

I had frequent parties and lots of boys over, but my parents didn't have to know that, now do they? And despite what you're thinking, I'm not what people would call a 'slut'. I'm actually far from it. I've had one boyfriend in my entire life, which was in 3rd grade. Pretty sad, I know. I've had my first kiss, although it was during a game of truth or dare so it doesn't really count, but still. I just have a lot of guy friends that stay the night a lot. None of which have tried to do anything with me. Plus, I think my parents meant no 'boyfriends', so technically I'm not really breaking 2 rules, only 1. Oh well, it's not like they'll find out anyways. They're all the way in London, which is a good 3 hours away from here.

However, they do come up for 'random' visits to check up on me, but they're not really that random considering they call first and it's always on the 1st of every month. But they burst in the door and yell 'random check up' as they walk in, so they think it is. But oh well.

Okay, back to my messages. In the time that I was explaining my life story to you, my mom had replied back a quick 'luv u 2'. I feel the love mom, I really do. I went to my other messages and saw one from Chelsea and the other from Scottie. Chelsea is my best friend from kindegarden. You know those really cheesy friendships where you bond over crayons and then are best friends for the rest of your life? Well, that's us. Kind of. We didn't really 'bond' over crayons, per se, we were fighting over the white one. Which I don't know the reason, because the white crayon is the worst color of them all. You can't see it on paper so I'm not sure why we both wanted it. We were very confusing children.

And you know how it's every girls dream to have a gay best friend? Well that's Scottie. And honestly, it's everything people describe it to be. Okay, so think about your best friend who's a girl. Someone who likes to shop, and gossip, and talk about boys. Well he's like that, but subtract all of the drama she causes you. So he's the perfect best friend. Chelsea, on the other hand, I mean I love her to death but boy can we get into fights. So if we're being honest, which we are, I prefer Scottie over Chelsea. But you didn't hear that from me.

Okay, moving on. The text from Chelsea had said, "Wanna go shopping? Need a new outfit 4 school!!!" I needed a new iPhone anyways, so I was about to say yes when I hesitated. When Chelsea shops, she SHOPS. What she says will only take an hour, will turn into a 12 hour event. Do I really wanna go through all of that for a new iPhone?

I shrugged and ignored her for now, going to my text from Scottie. "Lunch? Lots 2 tell u." Okay, so Scottie and my mom share the same texting characteristics. They literally shorten every single word they can. The lunch sounded more appealing then the shopping, to be honest, so I replied 'Sure! 12? I'll pick you up." and replied to Chelsea saying, "Sorry, I already have plans with Scottie.. We're going to lunch. Feel free to join us though :)" I knew she was going to decline, since she didn't really like Scottie all that much. Her parents don't really support gays, so her views on them were greatly influenced by her parents. She's become more accepting of Scottie the more she's around him, but she still prefers to keep her distance. As rubbish as I think it is that she's so against him being gay, I still respect her opinion on the matter and I don't try to make the two hangout.

I went into my bathroom and got ready, not really doing much with myself since I originally planned a lazy day anyway. I quickly french braided my bangs and pinned them back, putting a pink flower over the bobby pin to make it look like I made more of an effort with myself. I put on one of Scottie's Jack Wills sweatshirts, which was grey and pretty big on me, and some comfy black leggings. I slipped on some converse and swiped foundation over my face along with face powder. I am a teenager and I do have acne to cover. Then I put mascara on, I didn't feel like dealing with eyeliner right now. I looked at myself in the mirror and grimaced, immediately regretting being too lazy to put on eyeliner. So I grabbed the pencil and put some on my waterline and smudged it. That made it look a smidge better, I guess. I shrugged and turned my bathroom light off and going back into my room.

I grabbed my broken phone and coach purse, slinging it across my body and throwing my phone in there. I skipped down the stairs and took my car keys from the counter and went out the door, making sure it was locked behind me. I unlocked the doors of my purple Hummer H3, aka my 16th birthday present that I love as much as my future baby. I jumped in and buckled my seat belt, turning the car on and exiting my driveway and drove to Scottie's house.

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