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It’s now July 2nd, a month since Harry and I came back from the amazing vacation. We spent the rest of it lounging around the beach, and exploring the beautiful state of Florida. Needless to say, it was the best time of my life.

And things since then have been wonderful. June went by extremely fast, which kind of sucks because every day we pass is a day closer to when I have to leave for New York, leaving not only Harry behind, but Scottie and Mikey, and I find myself dreading it.

It’s safe to say Harry and I are in the honeymoon phase of our relationship, and I pray that it’s always like this. If it is, then I can’t see myself being or doing anything with anybody else ever again. Is that crazy to say? I don’t know, but I really love him with all of my heart and it’s going to kill me to be in a different timezone than him. It’s making me reconsider this whole New York thing. But I can’t. I need to do this for myself. What if our relationship ends up not working out? And I give up everything for him, even my future,aand that’s something I can’t risk.

We’ve spent quite a bit time at the beach house, and it’s an incredible getaway, when you can’t go to Florida. Scottie and Mikey even stayed with us for a few days and it was a great escape from the real world.

As for my mom, I haven’t spoken to her since our confrontation at our house. Excuse me, her house. If you can still call it that. She officially kicked me out. The doors were locked when I came back from Florida, and my key wouldn’t work as the locks were changed. There was a note on the door, explaining that all of my stuff was in the shed in the backyard. What a welcome home gift. There’s also a giant ‘For Sale’ sign in the front yard. She’s selling the house. I mean, what use does she have for it, now that the only person who was living in it isn't welcome anymore? I vaguely wonder what she’s done with everything in there that wasn’t mine. All of the furniture, dishes, food. Did she throw it all out? Sell it? Give it away? Anyways, I’ve been living with Harry ever since, and I’m praying he’s not sick of me yet. He helped me move everything from the shed into his apartment, and he even made room on his balcony (that I didn't even know he had) for my grandma's glider. I feel like such a burden, but he tells me time and time again that he doesn’t mind, and that it was his fault I was kicked out anyways. Which, I of course, argue saying that it has nothing to do with him. If it’s anybody’s fault, it’s my mom’s. I never truly realized the extent of how much she didn’t care for me until I couldn’t get into my own house. It all hit me like a tidal wave that day, and I spent the rest of it crying on Harry’s shoulder as he comforted me and made me tea and cupcakes. He truly is the best boyfriend in the world.

I’m mostly over it now. I mean, of course it still hurts that my mom kicked me out and hasn’t even contacted me to see if I was okay, but I’m sort of used to it. She was never in my life anyways, so it’s not much different.

It also sucks that my dad hasn’t tried to talk to me either. I wonder if she even told my dad about it. Would he be on her side, or mine?

I shook off the thought, focusing on the movie that was playing on the screen in front of me, as well as Harry’s arm that was resting firmly on my shoulder. We were at the movies. Ironically, on a double date with Scottie. It brought back memories of my first double date with him and Hunter, when I saw him with Whitney. Oh, by the way. I got the whole Whitney thing cleared up. Harry promises he hasn’t seen her since the day of the party when I kindly drove her home for him. So many things have changed that night, it’s insane. But anyways, she only said that to rile me up, which it kinda did. But I’m glad I didn’t give her the satisfaction.

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