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"This is terrifying," I stated, gripping onto the arm rests on either side of me. Harry just chuckled,as the plane began descending down to the ground. I felt as though it was going to crash at any second, and I was preparing myself for the impact.

"You're fine, Randi, we're not gonna crash," he lifted his hand and set it on top of mine, holding it and offering me a little comfort. Remind me to never go on a plane again. I'm gonna have to though, especially if I live in New York. I'll probably find myself on planes more often than not.

"You don't know what's gonna happen, you're not a physic," I argued, because this plane could easily crash at any second.

"Are you sure? I could be Raven Baxter for all you know," he said and I laughed at that, momentarily forgetting about what was happening right now.

"How do you even know who Raven Baxter is, isn't that an American TV show?"

He shrugged, "My sister has the box set and we watched it when we were younger. How do you know who Raven Baxter is?"

"Scottie has the box set as well. It was our obsession growing up," I smiled, loving how much Harry and I actually had in common. It was as if we were meant to meet each other, and be together. It was strange.

"It's over," Harry smiled at me, showing both rows of his teeth. I looked around to see people unbuckling their seat belts and grabbing their things, before waiting in line to exit the plane.

"Oh," I stated. Harry must have been distracting me, bless him.

"Let's go," he smiled, gripping my hand and dragging me up from my seat and down the crowded aisle to wait in the back of the line. A few people scrambled behind us, getting in line as well, as we slowly followed the people in front of us. I felt relieved when we got off the damn plane, making our way to baggage claim.

"Now we pray that our baggage wasn't lost," Harry smirked, leading me over to the belt that had suitcases left and right. We were clever and put a stripe of pink duct cape on our black luggage, in the hopes of finding them easier. Sure enough, I saw them and instantly pointed them out to Harry, who grinned and lead us over to pick them up. I grabbed mine, declining to let him carry it. I went through all of the random shit I packed, and only kept the necessary things for Florida inside. Harry cleared two drawers out for me in his room, in which I put all of the other clothes. I would officially be staying with him for the rest of the summer, regardless if my mom changes her mind or not.

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