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The calm before the storm ;) Let me know what you think. i swear I say this before every chapter, but comments make me really really happy and they make me want to write more. So pleaseeee comment <3

IF THIS GETS 10 COMMENTS (from different people) I'LL DO A DOUBLE UPDATE TONIGHT. and chapter 28 is where all of the drama begins so get commenting ;)


I awoke to the sound of pots and pans clanking around. I rubbed at my eyes, before looking into the kitchen to see Harry sat on his knees with multiple pots and pans lying on him as well as the floor around him.

I stifled a laugh, that soon turned into a yawn before I stood up and walked to the kitchen.

"What are you doing in here?" I asked him, with my incredible sexy morning voice. Not.

"Good morning," He smiled up at me and I couldn't help but return it. "I'm trying to find the damn thing that you make eggs on."

"You mean a pan?" I asked him, quirking up one of my eyebrows.

"No, I mean yeah, but like a special pan with those little holes in it where you put the egg in and it makes dippy eggs, you know?" He said, continuing to dig in the cupboard.

"Why don't you just use a regular pan?" I asked, picking up one that was lying on the floor next to him.

"I don't know how to," he pouted and I laughed.

"You're serious? Who doesn't know how to make dippy eggs?" I thought everyone did.

"Well obviously not me," he huffed, looking even deeper in the cupboard. I glanced in it and it was literally full of cooking utensils. Does he cook a lot? Well apparently not if he doesn't know how to make dippy eggs.

"Here, I'll make the eggs, okay? I can teach you how to do it if you want?" I offered, carrying the pan I picked up to the stove and setting it on top.

I walked over to the fridge and grabbed a stick of butter and the carton of eggs, carrying them to the stove and setting them on the counter next to it.

I could hear pots and pans clanking once again, and I assumed Harry was putting them all back in the cupboard. I needed to cut the stick of butter so I needed a knife. I looked in the drawer right next to the stove, but that was full of random things.

"Where are your knives at?" I asked him, turning to see him closing the cupboard doors and standing himself up.

He walked over to the right side of the kitchen next to the fridge and opened a drawer, getting out a knife and carefully handing it to me.

"Thanks," I said and turned back around to cut off a piece of butter.

I looked at the stove and realized it was a gas one. I have an electric stove so I wasn't actually sure how to work this. I looked at the knobs in the front and started to turn it but nothing happened. I bent down so they were at eye level and saw that it said 'push to turn' so I pushed it and began turning it. The fire would flicker, but wouldn't stay on.

I groaned as I kept trying and I heard Harry laughing beside me.

"You have to hold it where it says ignite, love."

On closer inspection, the knob said 'Ignite' then, 'High', and 'Low'. I pushed it in and turned it so the white line was pointing toward the 'Ignite'. Once the fire started, I grinned triumphantly and turned it so it was in between the 'High' and the 'Low'.

"Who doesn't know how to work a stove?" He mocked me from earlier and I glared at him.

"Do you want eggs or not?" He held his hands up in surrender, and then proceeded to fake zip his mouth shut. That's what I thought.

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