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I watched the buildings stream past as Harry drove us further and further away from my house. He was currently taking me to my surprise, whatever in the world that could be. I didn't have the slightest clue where he could be taking me. And he wouldn't let me focus on the direction we were going in, as he scolded me every time I looked out the window for too long. It didn't matter anyways. I can't really get very far away from Holmes Chapel without Scottie or a GPS, so I doubt I could ever figure out where the hell he'd be taking me.

I smiled to myself as I thought about it. He has a surprise for me, somewhere out of town, which means it required planning. So while I was thinking about Cameron and whether or not I wanted to ditch Harry at graduation, he was thinking about me and how to surprise me. I felt slightly guilty, and I subconsciously grabbed Harry's hand into mine, intertwining our fingers while he drove with his opposite hand.

Being with him now made me realize just how much I missed him, and how hard it would ever be for me to not be in a relationship with him. I have no idea how I was even considering leaving him at graduation.

And that was when I realized I'm going to New York at the end of the summer. And Harry has absolutely no idea. Where would that leave us? Would he get tired of having to wait for me, and decide that all of this wasn't worth it? I mean, he already waited 6 months for me, why would he want to wait any longer to completely and fully be with me, without any distance? He wouldn't.

How was I ever going to tell him this? I pushed it to the back of my mind, like I've been doing with everything today, and decided that could wait. I have an entire summer ahead of me that I can spend with Harry, and I'll tell him sometime during that. We'll work it out.

"Can I have a hint?" I asked Harry, getting restless from the long drive already, and it barely even started.

"Some things never change, eh?" He smirked at me, referring to when he took me to Chessington and I wanted a hint. I smiled at the memories, shaking my head in agreement to his statement. Or question, I guess?

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