Here you are. It's probably terrible, I'm sorry. I've kinda had writer's block lately and eurghfjdkfljd. Plus I've never been to Disney World or Florida so I kinda have no idea how to write any of this lol so bare (bear?) with me. Sorry for anything I may say that isn't correct about Florida or Disney World, I've tried to do my research so I hope it's all, for the most part, correct.

Please let me know what you think, maybe your comments will help me out of this writers block funk i'm in haha.

and omg i dropped my iphone last night and it shattered so i have to pay $200 for a new one, so theres that.

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"What if we're too late? And we miss the bus?" I panicked, as we speed walked to the bus stop that was further from our hotel than we had anticipated. We were planning on taking the shuttle to Disney World, to avoid paying for parking and gas. Harry's a cheap skate.

Just kidding, he's actually the best person in the entire world and he paid for this entire trip, so I didn't blame him.

"We won't, it'll be fine," he insisted, speeding up just a tad. I was a bit breathless, but followed him nonetheless.

"How much further?" I asked, not in a complaining way, I was just curious.

"Uh, it should be coming up soon. Right there!" He shouted, pointing to the bus that people were loaded onto. I saw the doors close and I began running.

"It's gonna leave!" I yelled, sprinting for my life toward the damn bus. We finally made it and Harry knocked on the door twice, which soon opened and I sighed in relief as we both got on and sat on the seats.

"I'm murdering you, did you honestly need your hair to be perfect? You're worse than I am," I huffed, looking out the window of the bus.

"It wasn't curling like normal! It was flat as fuck, I couldn't go out in public like that!" He scoffed, and I rolled my eyes.

"You're such a girl," I said. My hair was in a pony tail, taking less than 5 minutes, while he had to use some of my gel to make his hair curlier. I didn't know whether I was more amused, or concerned.

"Well excuse me for wanting to look presentable," he replied and I smirked.

"You know, I'm kinda scared you're gonna attract some male attention at Disney World and leave me for them," I said, flipping one of his gel covered ringlets in my pinky finger.

"Ha ha, very funny. At least they'd support me and my gel needs."

I laughed, grabbing his hand and linking our fingers before looking out the bus window once again.

"Oh hush, I support your gel needs. I just think they're stupid and unnecessary needs, s'all," I told him.

"What kind of girlfriend are you?" He gasped, dramatically ripping his hand out of my hold, which only caused me to giggle.

"And I meant that in the nicest way possible. Your hair is perfect without gel, you don't need it," I bit my lip, ruffling my hands through his hair and trying to remove the gunky stuff. I definitely preferred him without the shit in his hair. "Your hair is totally not finger safe now," I muttered, as it was difficult to remove them from his hair without getting caught.

"How sweet," he answered sarcastically, and I nudged his shoulder, taking his hand back into my hold again.

"Look!" I pointed excitedly at the Disney World sign. I cannot believe this is happening.

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