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“Those were the prettiest fireworks I think I’ve ever seen,” I stated as we walked down the hallway of our hotel. 

“They were fantastic, I’ve never seen anything like it,” Harry replied, putting the key into the door and allowing us entry.

“I’ve dreamed of seeing that in person since I can remember. Thank you so much for everything, I honestly can’t say it enough,” I told him, closing the door behind me. 

Harry abruptly stopped, turning his body to face me. He rested his palms on the door beside me, trapping me in his arms.

“I’d take you there everyday, if I could,” he breathed, looking into my eyes. I didn’t doubt it for a second.

“And I love you for that,” I responded, not believing this beautiful boy in front of me was mine. How the heck did this happen?

“I love you more,” he smiled, nudging his nose into mine, like he usually does before he kisses me. Tease. 

His lips finally touched mine, and I wrapped my fingers around his bicep, feeling just how strong he really was. 

He began to back up, bringing me with him as he skillfully didn’t break the kiss. And I say skillfully, because I was trying to pull away so we could walk like normal people and not bump into a bunch of things, but he wouldn’t let me.

“Ow,” he muttered, tripping over a bin that was in his way. I giggled as I held onto his arm, trying to keep him from falling. It was unsuccessful as he ended up just bringing me with him.

“Dumbass,” I laughed, kissing his cheek before standing myself up and helping him stand as well. 

“Well, who puts a bin in the middle of a hotel room?” He grunted, allowing me to pull him up, with difficulty. He was quite heavy.

I was slightly out of breath when I finally got him up, and I pretended to wipe some sweat from my eyebrow.

“You weigh a lot,” I sighed, exasperated.

He gasped, “Appreciate this body.”

“It’s very appreciated, just heavy,” I teased him, digging through my suitcase for my phone charger, and plugging it in after I finally found it. 

I then plopped myself down onto the bed, sighing in relief as my back hit the soft and heavenly mattress. It was very comfortable, especially after walking for 10 hours.

“It’s just because of all of my muscle,” Harry cockily spoke, flexing his arm for me after he laid down on the bed as well.

“Keep telling yourself that,” I giggled, enjoying the reaction I was getting out of him.

“You’re quite rude.”

“Just kidding. You do need another size up in your pants though,” I stated, pulling the belt loop to reveal that there was literally no space in between his pants and his body.

“I thought you said you liked my butt in tight jeans.”

“I said no such thing!” I laughed as he jumped on me, sprawling himself across my body once again.

He somehow managed to wrap his arms underneath and around my body, and I was scared I would break them with my weight. Then again, Harry didn’t seem too worried about breaking me with his weight, so who cares.

“I’m so tired,” he mumbled, his face snuggled into my neck and his lips tickling my ear. 

“I know, shit. Who knew Disney World could be so tiring?” I sighed, bringing my hand up to absentmindedly play with his hair. Most of the gel had worn off, and it was soft again- just the way I liked it.

“It really is. I don’t know how kids do it,” Harry answered, nuzzling his head even further into me. “Let’s go to sleep,” he softly murmured, and I felt the vibration tickling me.

“The light’s still on,” I stated, looking at the lit up room above us. The light switch was on the other side of the room, which was completely inconvenient. 

“Go turn it off, Randi,” he mumbled, and I sighed, not wanting to do it, but feeling like I owed it to him. He did pay for this entire trip after all.

“I hate you,” I grumbled, throwing his arm off of me and playfully stomping to the light switch. I flicked it off grumpily before stomping back to the bed and jumping down.

“Ow, my wrist,” Harry hissed, as I felt my back land on top of it.

I giggled, “Sorry. You shoulda turned the light off.”

“I don’t like that attitude.”

“Appreciate this attitude,” I mocked him from earlier, and even though I could barely see his face, I saw the whites of his eyes rotate as he rolled them.

“Ha ha, go to bed,” he pulled me down so I was completely laying on my back, before following me and pulling the covers up to cover both of us.

I turned so my back was to him, and he wrapped his arm around my waist, pulling me to his chest.

“Are we really spooning right now?” I asked, holding back my laugh.

“Yes we are. Do you have a problem with that, Miss Groves?” 

“I certainly do not, Mr. Styles,” was my response, and I played with his hand that was resting on the mattress in front of my stomach.

“Don’t call me that, it does things to me,” he mumbled sleepily, and my eyes widened. Okay, note to self, do not call Harry Mr. Styles. Unless you want things to be done to him.

“Duly noted. Goodnight,” I sighed, closing my eyes and allowing myself some rest after this long, but amazing day.

“Goodnight. I love you, Randi,” he mumbled back, pressing a kiss to the back of my neck, before squeezing me even further into his body.

“Love you too,” I stated, half asleep now. 

And then all I saw was black.

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