Chapter 4

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I awoke without my alarm clock at 7:05 am, which is both good and bad. Good news, is I woke up without an alarm clock. But the bad news, I have to be at the school by 7:30 to make it to my first class.

I jerked myself off of the couch and up the stairs. I turned left into my bedroom and continued into my bathroom to straighten my hair. I plugged in the $30 flat iron from Walmart and while it was heating up I brushed through my hair with my beloved tangle teezer. It took incredibly longer to brush through my tangles since I slept with my hair down last night. I usually sleep with it in a pony tail but since I fell asleep without doing so, it created lots of snags. I undid the french braid in my bangs and decided to braid my hair into a headband which I learned to do on youtube and I absolutely love it.

After that, my straightener was fully heated and I ran it over my hair. Next, I put on my makeup and went to my closet to pick out some clothes. It was the first day after all, and I had to make a good impression, especially since it's my senior year. I got out a black leather skirt and pulled it up over my belly button. I was thankful that it was quite long, since I pulled it up pretty far. It easily went down to mid thigh. I then put on a long sleeved black crop top, showing only a small amount of my stomach. My school was pretty relaxed when it comes to clothes, as long as the things you wore weren't too revealing. For example, we're allowed to show our stomach as long as it's not our belly button, and we're allowed to wear skirts as long as they reach about mid thigh. No shorter than that, though, or they force you to change plus you have to attend an after school detention.

I grabbed some red pumps and quickly put those on my feet. I glanced at the clock on my phone to see it was 7:23. I had to make it to the school in 7 minutes. Could I do it? I'm not sure but we'll find out really soon.

I grabbed my car keys and ran out the door to my car, starting it up and driving. Scottie texted me to tell me that he had to drive himself to school today as he had a doctor's appointment after school so I didn't have to pick him up, thank goodness.

I went well over the speed limit, running yellow lights and barely stopping at stop signs. Luckily, no cops were around to see my reckless driving. I ended up making it to the school in record timing, with a minute to spare. I grabbed my schedule from my visor and ran into the school as well as one can run in high heels.

I made it in and went to my first class; Precalculus with Mr. Styles. I've never heard of him before, so I can only hope he's not some dickhead teacher who will get mad if I'm 5 seconds late. I knew this school like the back of my hand so I could find the room easily and I rushed inside right as the bell rang.

The entire class had already been seated and everyone turned to look at me as the door slammed. The teacher was too busy taking attendance, purposely letting me off of the hook, I think, and I quickly scrambled to the only open seat left next to this really cute guy named Jeff. He's been in lots of my classes my entire life, but we've never really talked. I'm pretty sure he goes to my parties too, but I'm not 100% positive.

Jeff smiled at me as I sat down and finally I looked up at the new teacher, my throat making a sound that was a mixture of a scoff and a gasp. Mr. Styles, or should I say Curly, was staring at me with wide eyes as well. We both immediately fixed our facial expressions before anyone realized what was going on and he cleared his throat before he spoke.

"Hello everyone, I am your new Precalculus teacher. You can call me Mr. Styles, Mr. S, whatever you want as long as it's appropriate. Mr. Mccarthy has retired and I have taken his place. I will start by taking attendance and making your seating chart. The seat you are sitting in now is where you'll be sitting for the rest of the quarter, as long as there are no problems that may cause me to change them. I'm passing out the seating chart, just write your first and last name on the desk where you are sitting and then I will use that to learn your names as well as to mark down whether you are here or not, which I'm assuming everyone is since there are no empty desks," he passed the paper to the kid in the front row who got busy writing his name in the appropriate desk.

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