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Sighing, I laid back down on Scottie's bed. I couldn't really do much else, since Hunter took my car to go buy poster board. I didn't want to fight with Scottie, I barely see him anymore and when I do we fight, all because of fucking Hunter.

All this kid is doing is causing problems, and he's my only suspect for who could be blackmailing me. I tried to think of other people that don't like Harry and I being together, but nobody even knows about it.

My mom, maybe? But she has no idea he's my teacher. If she did, I'm sure she'd be shipping me off to London straight away to live with them.

Scottie knows, but he would never do anything like that.

Louis, Harry's friend, knows about us, I mean, he was with us during our first (and only) date. But why would he threaten to ruin his best friend's job?

Chelsea kind of knows, I mean she doesn't know everything Scottie knows, but she knows that we're kind of dating. But would she do this? I couldn't really think of a reason for her to do it, but I was going to talk to her tomorrow about it.

Nobody else knows about it. So now, is there anyone that could have found out about us?

Hunter's the most obvious suspect, but when could he have seen us together? At my party? That's pretty much the only time he could have. Yesterday I saw him at the mall before I went over to Harry's house, but he was also with Scottie and Erica, so he couldn't have followed me or anything.

Who else would care if Harry and I were seeing each other? Maybe that one girl I drove home from my party? What was her name again? Britney? Or Whitney? I don't know, nor do I care, but maybe she has something to do with all of this? I mean, she seemed pretty smitten over Harry, but he hasn't mentioned her and I haven't seen her around, so would she care enough to stalk us and try and get Harry in trouble? Yeah, she probably would. Okay, so we're adding her to the suspect list.

Who else? Well, Jessica isn't too fond of me (she's the biggest bitch in the school, refer to chapter 1 when I told you about her), but what does she have against Harry? Releasing proof that we're dating will get him in trouble too, so would she go that far? Maybe. We'll keep an eye on her just in case.

Anyone else? Not that I know of.

I sighed before sitting up and walking to the door. I needed to find Scottie and apologize to him. I honestly didn't mean to upset him, I'm just trying to get to the bottom of all of this.

I heard a car door slam and figured that that would be Hunter returning. I silently prayed that nothing happened to my car while he was driving.

I stuffed the notes in my pockets before he would see them, and walked out into the hallway and down the stairs. I went into the kitchen to see Scottie sitting at his dining room table.

I wrapped my arms around him and rested my head on his shoulders, "Scottttieeee," I whispered in his ear. I felt his head turn and he tried wriggling out of my grasp, but I wouldn't let him, only holding on tighter.

"Don't be mad at me," I whined, kissing his cheek. That's when I heard Hunter clear his throat.

I looked over at him as he awkwardly said, "Um, am I interrupting something here?"

It was then that I realized he doesn't know that Scottie is gay, and seeing me with my arms wrapped around him whilst kissing his cheek didn't look that good. I shrugged, not really caring what he thought.

"Yeah, can Scott and I have a minute alone please?" I asked him, wanting to apologize.

Hunter walked up the stairs, carrying the massive poster board into Scottie's room. I sat down at the chair next to Scottie before grabbing his hand.

"Scottie, I'm sorry. I don't mean to rub it in your face that Hunter likes me, I'm just trying to figure out who's blackmailing me and he seems like the most likely person to do it," I rubbed his palm with my thumb and he looked down, not replying to me.

"Honestly, I ship you two so hard," I told him, using the term that he always uses while talking about me and Harry. He cracked a smile at that, "And I can't wait until he falls in love with you and realizes he's gay and you guys get married. I better be your maid of honor," I said and he pulled me into a hug.

"You will be," he said and I grinned, glad that our second fight ever is over.

"Can we please stop fighting?" I mumbled into his neck and I felt him nod against mine.

"I'm sorry I get so jealous," he whispered and I simply replied with a, "It's 'kay."

We hugged for about a minute before he stood up and I followed suit, "Are you gonna stay?" He asked me.

I shook my head no, "I better go, I need to figure out who's doing this to me. Don't tell Hunter, please, okay?"

He scoffed, "Of course not. I'll see you tomorrow."

I nodded, and that was when I realized I didn't have my keys. I had to go get them from Hunter, so I followed Scottie up the stairs. He raised his eyebrows at me, confused, and I simply said, "Keys."

When we walked in, I noticed Hunter sitting on the bed with markers, drawing on the poster board.

"Road Map of Our Life" it read, and I wanted to laugh at the cheesy title. I'm lucky that I have Mrs. Bowling for English instead of Mrs. Johnson, because she doesn't make us do dumb projects like that, whatever it is.

I noticed he wrote the 'p' weird on the poster board. The stick on it was curved, and the bottom of the p curled out. It didn't match the rest of his letters.

"Hey, uh, do you have my keys?" I asked Hunter.

"Oh yeah," he said, digging them out of his pocket and throwing them at me. I barely caught them before they hit me in the eye.

"Thanks," I said, sending him a thumbs up before walking back over to the door. "Bye, guys."

They both waved at me, Scottie sitting on the bed next to Hunter, and I walked out and down the stairs.

Once inside my car, I noticed it smelled like smoke. I swear to God if he smoked in here, I'm murdering him. He's a dumbass for smoking in the first place, let alone in my car.

I rolled all of the windows down, to hopefully get the stench out, before pulling out of the driveway to make my way home. I silently prayed my mom had left. I was 99% sure she did, but you never know.

When I walked into my house, I was happy to find it empty. I went straight into the kitchen and pulled the papers back out of my pocket. I looked at the first note.

"I know your secret" it read. I studied the note some more, trying to look for any clues that could tell me who it was, but no matter how long I stared at it, I couldn't recognize the handwriting. It's not Scottie or Chelsea, as I know what both of their handwriting looked like. Unless they tried to make it not look like their handwriting. But I found that very unlikely.

Jessica's handwriting was a lot neater than this, so it wasn't her. I didn't know what Whitney's handwriting looked like, and I got a glimpse of Hunter's handwriting on the poster board, but it didn't match the one on this note either.

I sighed, setting that note down and looking at the second one.

"How would the principal feel if he had proof that Mr. Styles was messing around with a student?"

I still didn't recognize the handwriting. Until I got to the fourth word, that is.

Because both p's in principal, as well as the p in 'proof', curved at the stick, and swirled out at the end.

They were exactly like the 'p' on Hunter's poster board.

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