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We soon made it to the Apple Store and I ignored Scottie's confused looks as I parked the car and opened the car door. He got out as well, and before he could ask any questions, I simply pulled out my phone and showed him the screen. His jaw dropped before he nodded in understanding and opened the door, gesturing me in as if to say 'ladies first'. I smiled at him and thanked him as I walked inside. I was greeted with various Apple items out on display and I had trouble finding the phones. Scottie sighed in exasperation and dragged me over to them and I smiled gratefully at him. Oh, look at that. They have yet another new iPhone. I swear they announce a new one every day.

My broken one is a 4s so I was originally going to get a 5, but maybe I should just get a 5s. What's the difference?

I turned to Scottie and asked, "What's so different about the 5s from the 5?" He opened his mouth to speak but the voice that came out was definitely not Scotties.

Actually, it was quite familiar.

"There's not much of a difference, honestly. It has Touch iD and and supposedly a better operating system but if you ask me, it's not worth the $100."

I turned around and immediately rolled my eyes. Curly is back.

"Thanks," I replied shortly, but that apparently wasn't enough to send him away.

"But this, the 5c," he said, gesturing to the colorful phones which I assumed were just iPods, "is basically the same as the 5 just with colors. Plus, they're harder to break since they're made of plastic." He pointed to my shattered phone that was sitting in my right hand, "Seems to me like that's the best option for you."

He sent me a smirk and I couldn't help but return it. I am quite clumsy.

"Well thank you, 5c it is," I replied to him. "Scottie, which color do you think I should get?" I asked as I scanned all of the colors. When I received no reply, I turned to my left and noticed he was gone. I twirled around until I caught site of him talking to the worker, who was a hot male, might I add. I huffed and I heard a small chuckle to my right and I looked up too see Curly still sitting there staring at me.

"Well, if it's any help, I think the blue would compliment your eyes," he smiled at me, dimples popping out of his cheeks.

Any good thoughts I had about him = gone. All he is, is a flirty player. No thanks.

I scoffed and replied, "Well, I'm not looking for a phone that will 'compliment my eyes', so no, it wasn't much help. But thanks."

Did that send him off? Nope.

"You never did send me a text. I hope that's because you're phone's broken?" He continued.

"Actually, my phone is fully functioning. I just didn't want to text you," I told him sharply. Can't he take a hint? My God.

That didn't throw him off though, did it? Nope, "What's your name, love?"

I rolled my eyes, "That's for me to know and you to find out, innit?"

When he didn't walk away, I continued, "Look, I'm not interested in you, okay. So just carry on with your day and go find another girl to bother." I looked up at him and saw a flicker of hurt before it was replaced with anger.

"If that's how you're going to be, then fine. Sorry for trying to be nice, it won't happen again," he stated before walking away.

I felt a bit bad but shrugged it off, returning to the problem at hand. What color iPhone should I get? I was planning on getting blue, as it's my favorite color, but now I know it'll just remind me of the douche bag.

So my options are yellow, pink, green, or white. I immediately eliminated white. Borrrring. Then I took away green because it reminds me of grass and for some reason that makes me not want it. So that leaves pink and yellow. I like yellow I think, it reminds me of the sun and happiness. I waved Scottie and the worker over and asked to buy it. The worker nodded and he went to the back room to get one before taking it to the cash register.

After paying and switching the phone onto my account, Scottie and I left the store.

"So what did you and Mr. Sexy Pants talk about?" Scottie asked me.

I snorted, "I swear, you have a new nickname for him every 5 seconds. But nothing really. He helped me decide which iPhone to get and then he asked me why I haven't texted him and got mad at my reply so he left."

"What is wrong with you?!" Scottie shrieked at me. Sheesh.

I shrugged and unlocked my car, getting inside, not really bothered by the entire situation.

"I don't understand what's not to like about him. He's hot and cute and funny and charming and smooth and sexy and did I mention hot? He has a cute butt, not to mention those dimples. And the CURLS, did you see his curls?" Scottie continuted listing off the oh so wonderful things about the annoying stranger until I finally interrupted him, "Well, why don't you just date him then?" I asked him with a sarcastic grin.

Scottie patted his pocket and said, "Well I've got his number, consider me one step closer." He winked at me and I took off driving down the road to drop him back off at his house. I want to spend the remainder of my last day of summer being lazy.

I pulled into his driveway and he got out waving goodbye to me. I returned the wave and left to finally go home. I couldn't wait to just curl up on the couch and watch movies. Preferably Mean Girls, as cliche as that sounds. I haven't watched it in a while.

I arrived home and got out of my car, locking it, and continuing to walk to the front door. After I unlocked that and went inside, I threw my keys and purse on the counter and went straight to the hallway closet to locate a big fuzzy blanket. After finding my favorite zebra one I got for Christmas a few years ago, I stuffed it into my arms and dragged it to the living room, throwing it onto the couch.

I went to the DVD rack to find my movie and as soon as I saw it I snatched it off of the shelf and walked toward my tv to put it in. Once it was in the DVD player, I went on the couch to organize my blanket and after realizing how big the blanket was and that I couldn't straighten it out, I just sighed and plopped down on the couch and covered myself the best I could.

The menu to Mean Girls appeared on my screen, playing that song that I only know the lyrics of because of this movie, and that was when I realized the remote was sitting on the entertainment center. I groaned and threw my blanket off of me to get it. When I finally had the remote in my hand, I sat back down and recovered myself with the blanket and adjusted the pillow behind my neck before finally pressing play.

I was wide awake until about halfway through the movie, when Lindsey Lohan, aka Cady, threw a party without inviting Janice Ian and the gay guy. The last time I looked at the clock it read 5:42 and it wasn't long after that that I felt my eyes get heavier and heavier until finally they closed and I fell asleep.

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